Dr. Robot To Address The Medical Concerns Of Astronauts

We know that robots are not adept at being generalist. They are often designed to do one particular task.  However, humans are good at being generalists. Hence, we have always tried to develop technologies that can multi-task. Then why should be robots left behind?

Science has always tried to develop robots with high intelligence, speed and precision, so that it can perform various tasks accurately. It is definitely not easy; however, NASA’s Robonaut is being developed to be a doctor.  This new robot called Robonaut is chipped to be useful for astronauts who explore the space. Astronauts are trained in basic medical procedures, however, situation may demand high end surgeries to be performed. 

The $2.5 million Robonaut 2, nicknamed R2, will work with the astronauts and will shoulder their tedious responsibilities. NASA is also training to add telemedicine skills to the new R2.

The basic idea behind Robonaut is to make itwell versed with general medical procedures that can be performed in the space. Also, complicated medical procedure can be performed with the help of teleoperation. Hence, NASA plans to prepare a list of doctors who would help Robonaut to learn medical procedures in a medical school.

"I would say that within an hour I trained him more than with other students I'm working for a week, so I think that he's learning really fast," Dr. ZsoltGarami, of the Houston Methodist Research Institute. Definitely with bright prospects of Robonaut, Medical robotics have a bright future and hence global medical robotics market could witness an upsurge.

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