Photonic Crystal Fibers: Make Use of Light Like Never Before!

Recent developments inhybrid photonic crystal fiber components and amplifiers will provide improved modal and spectral filtering. After successful experimentation and modelling with optical fibers by scientists at Lawrence Livermore, one can easily fabricate ribbon like photonic crystal fibers (PCFs). This can be used to create oscillators, amplifiers and optical lasers. A fiber fabrication facility was installed within the Photon Science Principal DirectorateandNational Ignition Facility ( NIF), featuring a furnace capable of generating temperature above 2,000°Cwith an 8.2-meter-high draw tower and offering an unique capability within the Department of Energy (DOE) complex.“Traditional accelerators based on radio-frequency technology would be scaled down to optical wavelengths by taking a hollow-core optical fiber and shooting light into it to make an accelerator,” eminent scientist Mr. Dawson said.
According to Dr. Jason Eichenholz, advanced photonic crystal technologies will provide better ways to guide the light. Dr. Jason Eichenholz, CEO, Open Photonics, also authored a report in which he stated that photonic crystal will prove to be beneficial in making fiber lasers. Photonic crystal fibers are also called as specialty fiber. Photonic crystal fibers (PCFs) can change the way light is generated, delivered and used. Super continuum generation, hollow-core PCF and four-wave mixing technology may enable breakthroughs in microscopy and medicine.

Due to photonic optical fiber’s high potential to confine light in hollow core, it is being increasingly used in highly sensitive gas sensors, fiber lasers, high-power transmission, nonlinear devices, fiber optics communication and other fields.This potential of Photonic Optical was unknown in the past; it is only in last decade that such useful properties of Photonic crystal fiber was discovered by experts. 

Photon crystal fiber market is projecting a bright future. Two big names in PCF technology viz. Newport and Spectra physics are partnering to innovate and develop a superior product. This can provide a breakthrough in photonic carbon technology.

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