Silicon Carbide: Feasible Source of Energy

We never know how far we can go with our ambition and dreams. It is only until we push ourselves beyond limitsthat we discover our true potentials.  Such limitless endeavor has resulted in technological strides and discovered new tools and techniques that have helped human-kind to live a better life.

We have always utilized natural resource from primitive times. Over the due course of time, humans have become more intelligent and advanced in leveraging natural resource for their gain. No doubt it has resulted in depletion of vital resource; however, with growing environmental awareness, there has been developmentsin economical and energy saving technologies. 

Silicon carbide is the material that has been identified as potential electricity generator for the future. In fact, it is already used in generating electricity for one of the underground railways in Japan.The project is known as Giza Line experiments. As per Mitsubishi, leveraging Silicon Carbide for generating electricity will prove to be efficient. 

Silicon Carbide has numerous advantage over Silicon; one of them is of wider bandgap that makes the equipment run at an extreme temperature of 600 °C. Also, Silicon Carbide has a breakdown Voltage of more than 10 times of Silicon, making it robust. Silicon Carbide has high thermal conductivity, allowing it to manage high power.

At present, Cree, Rohm, Infineon are small firms that deal with SIC equipment Market. However, the market of Silicon is expected to grow exponentially in future. So, we can expect new firms getting associated with Silicon Carbide Equipment market. Mitsubishi Electrics is one such emerging company that was instrumental in Giza Line experiment.

Between the end of July and August 17 last year, we recorded a 38.6 percent energy savings compared to a conventional system,” says HirotoshiShiratori, head of Mitsubishi’s transport systems engineering section.“This included the increased regenerated power from a new regenerative braking system that is also part of the installation.”

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