Food and beverages industry to benefit from laser-displacement sensor

Cognex, on March 2013, released its DS1100 laser-displacement sensor that would define object’s proper shape. Since it is effective in providing accurate height, length and width of a particular object, laser-displacement sensor becomes perfect to be used in food and beverage industries.

“For example, it can provide the volumes of products such as cookies and donuts on the line,” says Bob Tremblay, former applications engineer and current manager of product marketing for Cognex.

“Since the sensor also can describe object shape, it’s used on bottling lines to check the seating of the caps.” “Present/absence of height change makes it much simpler to determine that,” Tremblay says.

“In the past, with optical-character recognition, [this application] was a lighting nightmare,” Tremblay says.

Keyence would use this IL Series laser displacement sensors for palletizer, packaging and stacker machinery.  “The IL Series can provide stacking device counts and identify stacking disturbances through the non-contact detection, providing reliable detection regardless of color changes in the targets,” according to a spokesman.

Hence, to conclude, displacement sensor technology is garnering significance in various industry verticals. This emerging technology would prove to be immensely beneficial in certain sectors such as food & beverages. Also, a latest report by AMR provides a detailed information Global Proximity and Displacement SensorsMarket and helps to understand its scope and growth trends. 

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