Gamification in ERP systems

Canadian airline WestJet firmly believes that applying gamification i.e. game designs notion at workplace would help its employees to efficiently utilize Oracle ERP (enterprise resource planning) system.

Until now, ga,ification was extensively used for sales, employee performance management software and support and not for core ERP systems. WestJet, in co-ordination with Badgeville- enterprise, gamification vendor and Oracle, initiated the pilot project that would focus on expense reporting.

Since expense reporting provides large amount of users to test gamification, it is an ideal method, said Mike Mihaichuk, manager of ERP and finance applications.

Gamification is “a look at human behavior and what motivates people,” he said. “Different people are motivated by different things in different situations.”

Gamification “has been around for a long time,” Mihaichuk said. Working with Badgeville, WestJet created “a lot of badges that were just for fun,” as it is important for badges to be easily attainable, he said.

“People were interested to see this use of technology because it’s something they use today all the time” on sites such as FourSquare, he said. “People are so used to this these days.”

“This is a methodology to improve influence and influence outcomes,” said analyst Ray Wang, founder and chairman of Constellation Research. “In ERP, what do you want to influence? For a manufacturing line, it may be the defect and quality process. You would apply an incentive to identify defects and also one to internally crowdsource solutions with rewards. You can apply gamification to everything.”

Gamification is fairly a new concept; however, it is garnering importance in different technological verticals. A new research suggests that key factors that are driving growth of global gamification market are customer& employee engagement, user experience enrichment, etc.

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