Microsoft releases series of Cloud products

Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella’s “Cloud first, mobile first” strategy was supported last week when Microsoft released a series of cloud based products. 

"How can there be two firsts?" said Microsoft Corporate VP Brad Anderson, who presided over the keynote. "They're one and the same. You can't have a cloud without connected devices and vice versa. [Otherwise,] all you have is potential that goes untapped."

However, tapping the data is not simple due to high security and management concerns involved. Apart from these core issues, the device must also be connected to the cloud. Hence, to address such issues, Microsoft has launched a series of products last week and more would be launched later this year.

Microsoft, with the help of Azure Express Route, would enable firms to connect their private asset to Azure. Microsoft Azure Files that was announced as preview is designed to help users share data and files securely with devices and clouds. Further, company’s zure API Management would enable users to share APIs on cloud.

Microsoft Antimalware for Azure would enable users to install anti-malware for virtual machines and cloud services efficiently.

One very important segment is of personal cloud computing. As the name suggest, personal cloud refers to cloud network used for your personal files or your small business. Since this network is small as compared to big cloud network of Google or Yahoo, it is more secure. Personal cloud computing is becoming significant. A latestresearch by Allied Market Research on global personal cloud computing market forecasts it to growth rapidly in future. The report provides in-depth analysis of personal cloud computing market trend, growth rate, revenue and share. 

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