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A deal inked between Sysmex and Bayer

Sysmex and Bayer inked a deal that made customized drug yet an alternate stride forward. The Japanese diagnostics titan and the German drugmaker will create companion diagnostic tests intended for focused cancer treatment.
Not, one or the other side is uncovering budgetary subtle elements, however they'll bring out their understanding through subsidiaries. The arrangement is to match blood-based partner symptomatic tests created by Sysmex's recently gained Inostics division with focused anti-cancer drugs advanced by Bayer HealthCare.
Their organization will depend vigorously on Sysmex Inostics' Beaming innovation, which empowers to a great degree sensitive diagnostics tests that can screen for circling tumor DNA push off into the circulation system in a procedure known as a "fluid biopsy." It's intended to be a non-intrusive option to routine biopsies, where a bit of a tumor must be uprooted and tried. Sysmex grabbed up Inostics in late September, which had be…

Philips and Salesforce inks a deal

There's more where that originated from. Salesforce and Philips have reported a vital association to convey a more collective healthcare framework.
In a media roundtable , the organizations uncovered two clinical applications which have as of now been made and will be accessible on the stage this hot time of year. Philips ecarecoordinator and Philips ecarecompanion will sit nearby Philips' Hospital to Home telehealth operation, enhancing what the social insurance supplier calls an "emergency" today, with in excess of 171 million individuals anticipated that will be existing with endless conditions in the US by 2030.
The result, clearly, is more noteworthy transparency and correspondence in the middle of patients and human services suppliers, with the two organizations plotting a future whereby applications will be fundamental to social insurance, from planning toward oneself and aversion to finding and medicine.
“We have entered a new transformative era for healthcare…

Major breakthrough in Bio Acrylic Acids

The combined efforts of acrylic acid market major players BASF, Cargill and Novozymes have yielded a significant breakthrough in techniques to produce bio acrylic acid. The team has succeeded in producing 3-hydroxypropionic acid (3-HP) in pilot scale, which can be used as an input chemical for producing acrylic acid. “3-HP is a potential key raw material for the production of bio-based acrylic acid which is a precursor of superabsorbent polymers,” stated Teressa Szelest, Senior Vice President Global Hygiene Business at BASF. “We still have a fair amount of work to do before the process is commercially ready, but this is a significant milestone and we are confident we can continue to the next level of scale-up for the entire process in 2014.”
Since acrylic acid is conventionally produced from fossil fuels, 3-HP, being a renewable and eco-friendly resource gives a fresh lease of life to this very useful product. This breakthrough has  decreased the restraints of acrylic acids in the glob…