High brightness LEDs within LED market are expected to grow leaps and bounds.

Allied Market Research recently published a report titled "Global Light Emitting Diode (LED) Market (Technology, Application and Geography), 2013 – 2020." The report is thoroughly studied and precisely analyzed to offer actionable insights into the global LED market.

High brightness LEDs within LED market are expected to grow leaps and bounds.

Reduced prices in the last few years along with its ability to produce different colors have fueled the technology growth. The technology is widely applied in electronic devices for back-lighting and display purposes.

From mid1990s, cost-effective materials are being used to design HB-LEDs. Today, various semiconductors such as AlGaAs, IInGaN, nGaAlP, etc., are used to to design HB-LEDs.

LEDs are a cool source of light generation as compared to conventional light sources and CFLs. The LEDs are environmentally safe as comparedto CFLs, which consist of hazardous Mercury material. The HB-LEDs can provide much brighter light with lower voltages as compared to other market alternatives. The costliness of the products is also reducing due to economies of scale impact coupled with innovations in the technology,” AMR analyst said

Analyst further added “The technology is found to be useful in mobile appliances, information displays and automotive applications, etc. Due to higher brightness of the technology, the products are found to be useful in signals, traffic indicators, etc. Over the forecast period, the technology would experience increased adoption in the signals, information display panels, etc. due to its ability to produce multiple colours and low power requirements.”

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