Fiber Optic Market Observes Great Momentum in 2015

Today, whether a business owner is considering, installing a new fiber optic network or repairing an existing system, fiber optic connectors are a must. Furthermore, the rapidly growing demand for high bandwidth, among end-users has been majorly responsible for the expansion of the fiber optic connector sector. Surprisingly, over the past four to five years the fiber optic connector segment has widened the investment pockets with more companies rolling out funds, collaborating and considering mergers and acquisitions. Likewise, the major surprise came in June 2015 with “Furukuwa Electric,” making known its intention to start a new fiber- optic cable manufacturing unit in Morocco. Initially the aforementioned company would aim at supplying fiber optic cables to several telecom giants in countries including Europe and Africa reveals an article on “Morocco  World News “. The same source explained that the company also has plans to manufacture connectors in the near future.

 According to another report “Optical Fiber Corporation” popular for manufacturing fiber optic, copper cabling and copper connectors among others has finally cleared all doubts over its share repurchase intent. Commenting on the plan, The President and CEO on July 14, 2015, Neil Wilkin at Optical Cable Corporation said "The repurchase plan announced today underscores the Board of Directors' continuing confidence and belief in OCC's long-term prospects.  OCC's strong balance sheet and cash flow from operating activities give us the flexibility to invest in our business and institute this repurchase plan." In addition, to the growing investment pocket joint ventures too are encouraging structured partnership in the fiber optic connector segment. On similar grounds, “Valdor Technology International Inc.” entered into a joint venture with “Inteligencia e Infraestructura En America S.A.” to become a prominent market player in Mexico in August 2014 .

Moreover, Valdor and Inteligencia has agreed upon offering 50 percent of the total investment and share the gains equally. The joint venture would initially start supplying and aim at manufacturing a wide range of integrated optical items, optical connectors and patch panels among several others. Eyeing the future prospects of the optical fiber connector market in coming four to five years Allied Market Research has published a report titled “World Fiber Optic Connectors - Market Opportunities and Forecasts, 2014 – 2020.” According to the report the fiber optic connector segment worldwide would rapidly grow across regions such as LAMEA, North America, Asia –Pacific and Europe. 

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