Health Experts Call For Funds To Boost Ebola Vaccine Shots

Last year, approximately 27,000 people were infected by the Ebola virus in West Africa. Several sources reveal that over 11,000 of them succumbed to the outbreak in 2014. The entire medical fraternity believes that effective Ebola vaccines would have saved many lives. However, the fact that the entire world now depends upon latest drugs or vaccine for the virus too cannot be ignored. This outbreak has affected mostly poor nations like Liberia, Leone and more. It was only after a public alarm; health officials from regions like Europe as well as United States paid a visit to West Africa. The sudden outbreak also persuaded scientists to develop and test potential vaccine candidates that had been awaiting consent for years. Several clinical trials in regions including Guinea too show that the latest inventions have proved fruitful.

 In addition, close to $ 8 billion was spent in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone for the development of Ebola drugs and treatment reported ‘NY Times ‘.  The same source revealed that getting a vaccine costs anywhere between $500 million as well as $1 billion. These funds help several drug manufacturers or biotechnology firms and scientists that are working hard to produce vaccines but are deprived of resources to manufacture them or seek an approval. Moreover, with the ‘World Health Organization’ supporting clinical trials of the vaccine in areas including Guinea has acted as a boon for fund raising and has attracted contributions from several private companies and drug makers for new virus vaccine.

In July 2015, health experts from across the global seconded the need for creating a $2 billion Ebola virus vaccine production fund to boost new shots. Commenting on this the Welcome Trust’s director, Jeremy Farrar said "We can no longer sit back and ignore the chronic lack of progress in developing new vaccines, and improving existing ones." Jeremy was of the co – writers responsible for creating the fund. Allied Market Research has added a report titled “Global Potential Analysis of Ebola drug and Vaccines Market (Pipeline analysis, Drugs, Vaccines, and Geography) through 2020.” As per the report the vaccine manufacturing in regions such as Asia – Pacific, LAMEA, Europe and North America would observe tremendous growth.

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