Competition in Craft Beer Market Strengthens Marketing Strategies

Each beer admirer has an onelist interpretation when trying to detail craft beer and tales of discovery to share. Defining a true craft beer becomes more difficult with each beer brand offering something new. Going over-board many craft beer manufacturers are bringing consumers into their marketing sphere. Brewers making customers feel like they are naturally discovering their beer, is worth a toast. Craft beer is a billion-dollar business today where off -strategy sale and marketing was unwelcomed so far as a pint of Natural Beer (rated as world's worst beer by in 2013) So how do craft beer makers anticipating growth apply as well as execute compelling marketing strategy?

How effective business plans unfold without adulterating reliability and tarnishing customer relationship? Marketing for craft beer apes’ small business enterprise as well as retail marketing. Besides this there is a lot more fun when integrated with social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more into the mix! Several studies indicate that craft beer represents just close to 6% of the entire beer industry, but the market is continuously pouring on many beer lovers. Craft drinkers today keep a tab and follow their preferred market on media to know the beers they got to try! Such social media strategy and follow function has enabled craft beer bars to stay more competitive than their rivals.

Another factor that has guided several craft breweries like Meg Gill and Tony Yanow based in Los –Angeles is wholesale beer distributorship. Many parts of the United States were earlier not very receptive to this beer category. The competition between the small craft breweries have heated up, and what’s more important is how different brands are defining the drinking experience beyond the can or bottle. Hosting or attending beer events has helped producers expand their presence and grow their customer base. For the inside scoop on how healthy are craft beers, we picked the below chart. 

So why is there so much of hype for craft beer marketing? Many answer because the entire world has woken up to different flavors and savor in everything and beer forms an important part. In an interview to CNBC’s, Closing Bell Founder and Brewer at Boston Beer Jim Koch said when began brewing in his kitchen almost thirty-one years ago, many did not appreciate his idea. He added, but now Americans have started demanding both quality and taste in their beer. Several researches reveal that in America alone the number of craft beers have almost doubled in size (between 2014 – 2015). By the end of 2015, experts indicate that there would be new breweries opening up in the country every 10 or 12 hours. Industry growth is increasing in different countries such as America, Australia etc. and steaming from the blend of provenance including retail environment and effective business models. 

Furthermore, the continuous growth of independent breweries demonstrates that increasing industry opportunities and demand are widespread. So with competition in the sector growing the need for producers to be able to differentiate and brew world-class beer has become more important than ever. The growth is likely to accelerate through the progress of tax breaks for breweries in countries like Australia. Small businesses have now emerged as of the intense spots in both a country’s economy as well as culture. Craft brewers are fulfilling the demand of their local communities, brewing up fresh jobs and encouraging tourism. New craft brewers who match standards like high quality have been welcomed by customers across the world with open arms. 

There has been a significant growth in the session beer that has not only allowed the existing craft beer lovers to increase the volume but also keep the consumption level of alcohol static. Thus most brands are beginning to look like volume drivers. Eyeing the exponential growth in the craft beer market Allied Market Research, has published a market research report on Global Beer Market. The study confirms craft beer market has paved a path for the next generation brewers. 

So to keep the craft beer sales on the rise the marketing cliché has played a major role in getting the service or brands in front of buyers. Craft beer manufacturers today need more than a simple ho-hum branding or advertising campaign or a Twitter page followers. Today, brands need to stand out and a little secret to it is creativity. Craft beers are in the front lines of competing with each other for cross –drinkers. 

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