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Adoption Trends in Personal Cloud By Enterprises-large and small-to boost the global personal cloud market

Enterprise data clouds are fast emerging. Managers are set to transform digital workplace by making continual innovations in end-user computing as personal cloud intersect with many levels of setting up IT goal of enterprises. The degree of impact personal cloud is making on enterprises adoption of cloud services is driven to a large extent by the launch of unprecedented technologies like advanced sensors, Windows 10, smart wearables which is fast blurring the boundaries between consumer and enterprise computing. Increased access to a host of personal information and enhance intelligence is fast changing the technology landscape in personal cloud services.

Technological advancements in catheters devices & cost-effectiveness to boost the market growth

You must have come across urethral catheterization as a routine medical procedure which facilitates direct drainage of the urinary bladder from the bladder into a bag along a tube or continuous pipe. Painful as it may seem, this procedure is essential for patients across all groups, mostly to help them to relieve urine because of their inability to pee. Known as urinary catheter, it is a type of medical catheter, used for different diagnostic purposes or to serve various therapeutic ends such as to relieve urinary retention, instill medication, or provide irrigation. Medical catheters are tubes–of varying diameter and flexibility–used in healthcare to deliver medications, fluids or gases to patients and to drain bodily fluids such as urine. They may be made up of plastic, silicon rubber, PVC and nylon and includes neurovascular Catheters, intravenous catheters, urinary catheters and chest drainage tubes. Of these, silicone is the most commonly chosen material due to its inertness as …

Incandescent Light Bulb Getting Resurrected: A Recent MIT Research Suggests

Can government laws and bureaucratic set-up predict what free scientific and technological progress can or cannot achieve? The recent Wikipedia page titled “Phase-out of incandescent light bulbs” seems to suggest so. But why only Wikipedia: a plethora of recent media reports point to this direction that reiterates on the “death” of these bulbs, banned by governments in developed nations and discouraged by others. Many phase-out regulations that is being talked about in these reports relate to ban in the manufacture, importation or sale of incandescent light bulbs for general lighting purposes. As per a recent phasing out effort by EU, halogen bulbs have been phased out, and any bulb available for purchase after the 2016 date must have at least a B energy rating and these are to be replaced by Compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) and Light-emitting diode lamps (LEDs). Most European countries such as Brazil, Venezuela and Australia have already introduced a phase-out or ban. The reasons cit…

New data center cooling systems to focus on energy efficiency

Data centers is a centralised facility for an organization’s IT operations and equipment where it stores, manages and disseminated its data and information concerning the functioning of the daily operations of the organisation or any particular business process. Data centers consist of network’s most critical systems and it is crucial that these data centers must remain cool so that the processors can function effectively and efficiently. To achieve this purpose of cooling, there must be a provision for effective data centers cooling system which would prevent the loss of data and discontinued flow of information thereby hindering the day to day business operations.

The exponential growth of data both structured and unstructured along with the continuing adoption for cloud computing is a key factor driving the demand for setting massive data centers. This would obviously require efficient and power-friendly data center cooling systems. Over the decade, there has been innovation in da…

Biomaterials (Bio Implants) Market - Market Dynamics, Opportunities & Forecasts.

Allied Market Research has recently introduced a report titled “Biomaterials (Bio Implants) Market - Opportunities and Forecasts, 2014 -2020”. The report offers an in-depth insight into key drivers and restraining factors, market challenges, key segmentation on the basis of materials, application across geographies along with the profile of key market players.
Biomaterials are natural materials which are artificially derived and have large medical applications for the purpose of organ transplantation and replacement of tissues. The report highlights how the market for medical devices which accounted $240 billion in 2013 point to huge growth prospects of the bio-implants market. Increasing count of aging population across the world is a key driver for biomaterial market driven by increased applications of biomaterial is increasingly being used in wound healing, surgery, dental implants, neurology and tissue engineering. As per an estimate by the Society for Biomaterials, over 5000 nov…

Regenerative Medicine explore new therapies using stem cells research & nanotechnology

Regenerative medicines and associated therapies can help mammalian cells to reconstruct: reconstruction of lost limbs, human cells, tissues and tendons, or even undo organ problems. Regenerative medicines have emerged as a promising field of tissue engineering and refers to the practice of providing treatments to repair, regenerate, and replace damaged cells and tissue. The numerous applications include offering therapies for complex diseases such as Alzheimers and spinal injuries or providing cures for chronic ones like cancer and diabetes. The trend of restoring damaged tissues is evident in spray-on skin and lab-grown ears, with the terms tissue engineering and regenerative medicine used interchangeably.

Global regenerative medicines market (technology, application and geography) size, global trends, company profiles, demand, insights, analysis, research, report, opportunities, segmentation and forecast, 2013 - 2020 from Allied Market Research

The benefits of regenerative medicines…