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Anti-Counterfeit Packaging Products Trace Food & Pharmaceutical Safety

Anti-counterfeit packaging technologies are pushing hard to lay down food and drugs quality and safety traceability systems. 
We often act as a trusting eater! When a server introduces the dish we think it is what the menu claims. What we forget here is labels can also lie. Thus, when it rounds up to it, customers can easily identify the difference a fresh catch and the flaky one lying next. Whether buyers like the fact or not food fraud does exist. On the other hand, counterfeit of prescription pharmaceutical are an ever growing trend. Research analyst at Allied Market Research (AMR) analyzing the business environment of global anti-counterfeit packaging market say it is a risk on public health.  AMR that has long been capturing data on market growth, share and size, trends, drivers, opportunities and demand emphasize that counterfeiting of pharmaceutical drugs are a serious concern to privates enterprises, public health officials and customers. 
Counterfeiting of Food & Pharmace…

Diabetic Patients to Check Glucose Levels on CGM Synced with Apple Watch

Dexcom G5 system will support the Apple watch and caregivers will be able to track glucose data using a synchronization of watch with iPhone.
A continuous glucose monitoring system monitors blood glucose levels in real-time. It provides information about glucose levels at the interval of 5 minutes. A glucose sensor consists of a tiny electrode with transmitter that is inserted under the skin. The transmitter sends the information regarding glucose levels to monitoring or display device through wireless radio frequencies. Technological developments have propelled growth in continuous glucose monitoring system market. It enables users to receive alerts before the glucose levels reach specified limits. CGM devices are also used with blood glucose meters for better monitoring and treatment. 
Benefits of CGM Device: It provides a better view of glucose trends than conventional blood glucose meters.Notifications and alerts about rise and decrease in glucose levels are provided in advance. It…

Genomic Sequencing Augments Advanced Ingredients to LAMEA Oncology Drug Market

Personalized gene-sequencing popularizes for narrowedidentification of drugs targeted at mutating cancer cells. Immuno-oncology snakes in too.
Contemporary oncology drugs market has extensively evolved over the recent times aided by a series of successful clinical trials. Generalized medicine suffers a setback in this specific segment accounting to dynamic mutation in cancerous cells. Among various therapeutic modalities, chemotherapy has so far been the most commonly practiced, yet shall suffer the same fate. Two basic reasons – experts reaching out non-toxifying methods and due patent expiration of predominantly popular drugs. In such an environment other modalities, such as immuno-  and targeted therapy, rise in demand preference, and hence, market shares.
Trends on trial We have come a long way with discussions on reducing failure rates of conventional therapies plus eliminating residual toxins left in host bodies. Researchers reap initial success during clinical trials with targe…

Approaches in Small Animal Imaging Improves Treatment Accuracy

There has been a rapid growth in small animal imaging (SAI) facilities worldwide. These centers are established to provide non-invasive, high resolution, cost –effective and state –of –the –art both ex –vivo and in –vivo imaging support. SAI is used mainly by the pharma companies and research institutes aiming at studying different disease models. Industry definitely has a promising future, as confirmed by a study conducted by Allied Market Research, which indicates the market is likely to generate $ 2.1 billion during the forecast period 2013 to 2020. The most important challenge faced by the SAI equipment makers is to lower the cost to encourage broader adoption rate.
Perspective & Current Technologies Developments in biomedical sciences have improved owing to the introduction of several innovative imaging technologies over the past 5 to 6 years. In addition, animal models that are being widely used coupled with pre-clinical sciences; searching ways to carry out animal experimen…

Synthetic Biology to Bring an Evolutionary Change in Science and Design

Various projects, such as Algaculture and Genetic Trace are using synthetic biology to bring an evolutionary change in science and design. Synthetic biology is an area of research that combines multiple disciplines, such as biotechnology, molecular biology, biophysics, genetic engineering, and others. Technological advancements have enabled more thorough study of bacteria, tissues, and genetic modification. It also allows to morph mortal materials into objects. The creation of wide range of synthetic material and living specimen is possible with an emergence of synthetic biology. There are various projects that are using synthetic biology to bring an evolutionary change in science and design. 

Projects That Are Using Synthetic Biology

Algaculture by Michael Burton & Michiko Nitta 
In this project, algae are used to supplement human functions by gaining energy from light. It allows human to be semi-photosynthetic. So humans will be half plant and half humans. 

All That I Am by Koby Barh…

Ethics & Transparency Becomes Hallmark for IVF Services Worldwide

Infertility is interpreted as a disease that occurs due to an abnormal functioning of either female or a reproductive system. According to National Survey of Family, Growth CDC for 2006 to 2010 1 in 8 couples reported having problems conceiving. Survey by Center of Disease Control shows that the percentage of married infertile females in the age group 15 to 44 is about 6 percent. Furthermore, the study highlights that females in the age group 15 – 44 who never used any infertility services is approximately 7.4 million.
Infertility; A Growing Problem Over the past few decades’ industry experts have been alarming us against population explosion. However, now it seems as if the tables have turned in many regions including Europe. True, the population growth in the region has come to halt. 1 in 6 couples in the region faces difficulty conceiving. Thus, the count of couples seeking medical assistance has increased dramatically. Several studies reveal that male factors now account for over …

Crude Oil Prices Dip; Specialty Chemicals Gathers Market Shares

Global businesses are still reeling from the plunge in crude oil prices at the onset of 2016. In the light of specialty chemicals market and dependent verticals, this eventually turned tables in its favor. The raw material prices skyrocketed for the commodity chemicals segment, while a slowdown in oil and gas rigs indicated lower prices for oilfield chemicals. On the other hand, market players now shift their focus towards specialty chemicals expecting extended market shares by reducing margins, being the value-addition segment it is for diverse verticals.

Any mention of specialty chemicals might draw a broad picture of industrial applications with extremely complex compounds. A true milieu of the demand segments, however, scales over lesser complex chemicals that are basic to most products put to daily use. These chemicals may be base compounds or specified formulations. User-specific formulations are produced using batch processing methods, depending on their performance or functio…

Adoption of Bio-based solvents meet new carbon emission standards

Solvent usage forms a range of functions across industries: they are used to make adhesives, paints and coatings, used a component of inks and printing, serve numerous function in semiconductor manufacturing, metal cleaning and pharmaceutical industry. During the past few years, the usage of conventional petroleum-based solvents has been increasingly restricted due to their toxic environmental effect. Their usage have been greatly discouraged, primarily owing to constant regulatory pressures on the harmful effect of volatile organic compounds (VOC) used in the making of these conventional solvents. Various industrial and commercial applications have lately come to rely on different environmentally safe substitutes–bio-based solvents–that leaves no residue and successively reduce handling and operating costs over time.

Extensive Upgrades Makes Automotive Refinish Coating A $11.3 billion Industry

Automotive refinish coating market is at its all-time peak in 2016! World’s largest chemical manufacturers like BASF, Sherwin Williams, 3M Co. and Matrix System Automotive Finishes among other are focusing on increasing their expertise to remain competitive in the coatings industry. Car color! It’s always the first thing a buyer notices. Furthermore, end – users such as body shops and vehicle repair shops are counting heavily on finest coating for commercial fleet, automotive specialty and collision repair industry.  A popular name in the coating industry AKZONOBEL (N.L.)   had garnered $ 17.746 billion in 2014. Second in the row PPG Industries (U.S) generated a stood proud at $ 15.44 billion in 2014. Recent study by Allied Market Research, which analyses factors like industry share and size, trends, opportunities, growth, drivers etc., reveals the sector would research $11.3 billion for the period 2014 – 2021.
From trend color to color trend see what keeps BASF competitive in the ‘Au…

Global Packaging Industry Bets On Bio- plastics Sector

Consumer preference for improved product performance has contributed to the significant growth of bio plastics worldwide.  Furthermore, demand for sustainable materials & price consistency with petroleum – based plastics have resulted in the increased share and size, value and growth of the industry. Study by Allied Market Research (AMR) on trends shows the sector stood at a proud 4,869.2 kilo tons in 2014. AMR’s analysis clearly indicates that requirements for such plastics have shifted from past; initial phase of launch & are now witnessing strong surge in demand in virtually every regions. US bioplastics market is expected to grow over 25 % annually by 2016, as per many industry experts. 
Watch Prof. Hans-Josef Endres speak about the opportunities in the bio plastics in years  to come . 

Continual Design Improvements Would Lead To High-Performing Industrial Glove

Industrial gloves have emerged as a common personal protective equipment used by workers across different industrial workplaces. Various industries such as automotive, food & healthcare, use protective gloves to ensure worker’s safety and health & prevent cross contaminations across processes and equipment.

Gloves can be reusable or disposable, the former find wide applications in harsher work environment, while the latter is prominently used in milder work environment to prevent product contamination. These gloves are made from polymers of several types of compounds, including nitrile, butyl, neoprene, polyvinyl chloride, and natural rubber or latex depending on the chemicals the workers handle in different industrial processes.
Responsive and responsible glove manufacturers look for mechanism to determine the suitability of a glove material to avoid the reactivity of chemical compounds.  Most of them prefer ASTM F739 and EN 374 tests for determining the extent of glove degr…

The Future of Computer Technology Is Here – Screenless Display

Screenless displays convey visual information without using screen or projector. This technology is emerging in the field of computer-enhanced technologies. Numerous manufacturers are endeavoring to obtain patents for their technologies regarding screenless displays. Technological developments and reduced overall costs of screenless display devices would present new opportunities. Screenless Display Techniques: There are three screenless display techniques:
     Visual Image: Any image that an eye can perceive is included in visual image screenless display. In this technique, light reflects from an intermediate object before it reaches to retina. Virtual reality goggles and heads-up displays are examples of visual image screenless display. Moreover, hologram is the most common example of application of visual image technique. Holograms are transmitted directly or stored in devices, such as holodiscs. A holoprojector is used to access stored images in holodiscs. Google is researching to d…

Prominent Healthcare IoT trends to watch for in 2016

The healthcare industry is being shaken up– rapid transformation taking place–driven by fast emerging Internet of Things (IoT) technology. The IoT healthcare has profoundly changed the way services are delivered across the globe and has transformed all the facets intrinsically related to healthcare industry. The increasingly massive adoption IoT network has conferred patients and stakeholders with unprecedented benefits: cost-effective as well as quality patient care, augmented patient-provider engagement, digitization of patient data and healthcare services across regions, and effective patient monitoring. 
Advancement in healthcare automation and monitoring technology, innovations in wearable medical devices, technological enhancements in sensors, increasing interoperability of IoT connected devices have driven the healthcare IT segment to deliver “personalized healthcare”–the new paradigm in healthcare IT. The developments in cloud-based connected devices, cost-effective cloud net…

Clinical Evidence Shows Hernia Repair Devices Improve Recurrence Rate

Over the past 6 years, there has been a rapid increase in hernia cases across the world. A study by National Center for Health Statistics (NCH) shows, about 5 million of the population dwelling in America suffer from the disease. NCH revealed that approximately 1 in 2500 infants is diagnosed with Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH) every year in the United States. The organization further highlights that with only 50 percent survival rate about 800 babies die. Today, about 4 families are devastated with the news – every day. 

Different types of hernia are incisional, inguinal, femoral and hiatal hernias. The most common form is inguinal hernia which accounts for about 80% of all the other hernia cases. It’s been observed that over 550,000 men need hernia repair every year. Lack of balanced diet, smoking and changes in lifestyle are some of the many factors that often leads to hernia. Furthermore, other factors including obesity and age cause hernia due to weakened muscle as well as e…

Collaboration – An Effective Strategy to Develop Impactful Oncology Drugs

Oncology drugs are used to treat various types of cancers. There are various types of oncology drugs used in chemotherapy, hormone therapies, biological therapies, immunotherapy, and bisphosphonates. Increasing incidence of cancer conditions, growing acceptance of advance therapies, and commercialization of advanced therapeutics are driving oncology drugs market. In addition, technological developments create new opportunities in research and development of drugs.
Development and commercialization of cancer therapies is difficult for small manufacturers. Geron Corporation, a biotech company from California has collaborated with Johnson & Johnson. The collaboration would benefit Geron in development of imetelstat, a drug which inhibits telomerase in cancer cells to limit tumor growth and raise its stock price. Johnson & Johnson paid $35 million to Geron for rights of imetelstat. They treated patients in September 2015 with two imetelstat dosage arms in an open-label study. If …

The Role of miBot Micromanipulators to Achieve Multi-Robots Cooperation

Micromanipulator is a device that interacts with samples under microscope to achieve precise movement that cannot be achieved by human hand. It is used in conjunction with microscopes in biological research and positioning test probes in microelectronics. Applications of micromanipulators include industrial micromanipulation, such as packaged parts, semiconductors & microelectronics. Furthermore, it is used widely in cell micromanipulation applications, such as embryonic stem cell transfer and intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection. The selection of specific micromanipulator depends upon the level of precision and movement required for particular application. Increasing infertility issues across the globe and acceptance of IVF techniques are creating opportunities for micromanipulators. 
Researchers at Hamlyn Center for Robotic Surgery of Imperial College London conducted an experiment to develop multi-robot cooperation using micromanipulators. Robotic manipulation of samples to be me…

High-end Seed treatment fungicides launched by different chemical majors help U.S. sugarbeet growers

Most agriculturalist and farmers worldwide are increasingly adopting seed treatments, mainly to ensure full germination of seeds and enable effective disease prevention in the fields. There are numerous benefits to seed treatments: providing protection during the developmental stages, strengthening the plants as they grow, encouraging full germination; and helping in warding off the early onset of insects and various fungal diseases to the crop caused. Advancement in agricultural technology and researches on evaluation of different seed treatments have made these more environmental friendly. In addition, various bio-based seed treatments results in greatly reducing the volume of chemicals used as insecticides and fungicides.
Most, but not all seeds, need seed treatment methods, due to being fungal prone and vulnerable to insects like wireworms, seedcorn beetles and maggots. These heavily retard the germination process by infesting the seedlings and seedling plants, and causes nitrog…

Protein Supplements Continue to Drive the Sports Nutrition Market Worldwide

Today sports nutrition industry is no longer busy just luring athletes, but other customers too. The market is now looking for something that’s new as well as innovative. This has further forced many manufacturers to react fast as well as revamp sports nutrition range. However, it’s a fact that ingredients in it cannot be altered without influencing the taste of these products. Therefore, flavor companies are all geared to challenge the reformulated sports nutrition products while considering the required nutrition specifications and the increasing need for natural and recognizable additives.