Diabetic Patients to Check Glucose Levels on CGM Synced with Apple Watch

Dexcom G5 system will support the Apple watch and caregivers will be able to track glucose data using a synchronization of watch with iPhone.

A continuous glucose monitoring system monitors blood glucose levels in real-time. It provides information about glucose levels at the interval of 5 minutes. A glucose sensor consists of a tiny electrode with transmitter that is inserted under the skin. The transmitter sends the information regarding glucose levels to monitoring or display device through wireless radio frequencies. Technological developments have propelled growth in continuous glucose monitoring system market. It enables users to receive alerts before the glucose levels reach specified limits. CGM devices are also used with blood glucose meters for better monitoring and treatment. 

Benefits of CGM Device:
  • It provides a better view of glucose trends than conventional blood glucose meters.
  • Notifications and alerts about rise and decrease in glucose levels are provided in advance. 
  • Its 24x7 monitoring facility gives information of glucose levels even when users are sleeping.
  • It provides insights on how physical activities, exercise, illness, and medication affects diabetic conditions. 
  • CGM devices are used by both, diabetes type 1 and diabetes type 2 patients.
Dexcom G5® to support the Apple watch:
Dexcom Inc., a leading manufacturer of continuous glucose monitoring systems announced that its Dexcom G5® system will support the Apple watch. This feature will enable diabetic patients to track level of glucose using an app. Users as well as caregivers will be able to track glucose data using a synchronization of watch with iPhone. G5 app allows users to share data with others with their permission by integrating with a health app in iPhone.

Kevin Sayer, Chief Executive Officer of Dexcom, said, "The Dexcom G5 Mobile interface with Apple Watch and the new Today view widget allows us to continue to enhance options and product offerings that include even more useful features for people with diabetes. These features were driven by feedback from G5 Mobile users, and showcase our commitment to continuously improve the user experience, making CGM more flexible than ever before for people with diabetes to manage their condition."

Dexcom’s new feature, Today View, supports G5 app in iPhone that allows users to check glucose data without opening an app. It also shows data when device is locked. Dexcom’s G5 mobile CGM system is approved by FDA for children and adults. It has a simplified mobile interface to allow users to have easy viewing experience and better assessment of glucose levels. It would also have a significant impact on Europe CGM system Market.

GlySens received $12 million in Series C funding
GlySens, a startup in CGM system market from San Diego announced that it received $12 million in Series C funding. The startup will use this funding to complete the development of its implantable continuous glucose monitoring system. This device is made up of two parts: a sensor implanted subcutaneously and a monitoring device to show glucose levels in bloodstream of diabetic. Investors believe that GlySens’ approach would streamline the footprint of healthcare for patients struggling with diabetes along with saving their money and time. Demand for CGM devices is growing as it provides a thorough information of blood sugar levels.

“The proceeds from this investment will enable us to address final product development tasks and bring the GlySens ICGM system to an advanced state of commercial readiness on the path to market introduction,” said GlySens President and CEO Joseph Lucisano. “As we conduct the upcoming human clinical trial involving our second generation receiver and fully implantable continuous glucose sensor, this additional funding will enable us to address the remaining elements needed to bring all aspects of the ICGM system to a fully commercial configuration.”

Analysts studying the CGM systems industry have revealed comprehensive information about changing market trends in research reports. Recently, Allied Market Research has published a report titled, “Europe Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems Market - Opportunities and Forecasts, 2014 - 2021.” As per the report, the Europe continuous glucose monitoring systems market is expected to register a CAGR of 38% from 2015 to 2021 and would reach $351.7 million by 2021. The report provides an extensive analysis of current market status, drivers & challenges, opportunities, competitive intelligence, and detailed segmentation. Furthermore, the research highlights SWOT analysis of leading manufacturers, recent developments, and value chain analysis.

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