Protein Supplements Continue to Drive the Sports Nutrition Market Worldwide

Today sports nutrition industry is no longer busy just luring athletes, but other customers too. The market is now looking for something that’s new as well as innovative. This has further forced many manufacturers to react fast as well as revamp sports nutrition range. However, it’s a fact that ingredients in it cannot be altered without influencing the taste of these products. Therefore, flavor companies are all geared to challenge the reformulated sports nutrition products while considering the required nutrition specifications and the increasing need for natural and recognizable additives. 

Sports foods aren’t just consumed by the athletes or body builder any more. Over the past five to six years the mainstream customers have become more conscious about their well –being than ever. This has opened a new world of opportunity for ingredient formulators and sport food manufacturers. Many sports nutrition manufacturers have confirmed that they use GanedenBC30 either in their bars or powders, such as Six Star, Re-Body and others. Perfect combination of 100 percent isolate coupled with 70 calories each serving as well as GanedenBC30 for immune and digestive support are driving the sales of the market. 

The key ends users of the sports nutrition market are now turning to products that can help them improve performance. Furthermore, industry analysts as well as end – users say that these products now enjoy a greater degree of loyalty and honesty, if they realize that the product can bring about a difference in their performance. It means if the athletes feel he can run faster and longer he or she will continue using the products and stick to it. When compared with the supplements that improved heart health over years, performance sports nutrition food, drinks and supplements are preferred more because they offer results in just few weeks or days. 

The main attraction of the sports nutrition food range is the protein supplements or powders. These commodities are known to constitute approximately two – thirds of the industry. Protein products are known to help athletes build their muscle mass. Another popular category are the sports nutrition products that are mainly formulated to enhance energy as well as boost endurance. Such products consist of substances including sugar and caffeine along with specialty additives such as amino acids, plants extracts and carbohydrate molecules. 

Another popular category are products designed to boost energy and enhance endurance. They contain common substances such as caffeine and sugar, as well as specialty ingredients including amino acids, specialty carbohydrate molecules, and plant extracts. In recent years the recovery products have also won several hearts. These sports nutritional products mainly contain additives such as protein and carbohydrates. Recovery products are specially designed to help repair the muscles and even decrease inflammation in the human body. Eyeing the dramatic shift in the sports nutrition market, Allied Market Research has published a report titled “World Sports Nutrition Market-Opportunities and Forecasts, 2014-2020.” The market research report outlines the various factors driving, restricting and creating greater opportunities for the market worldwide. Business performance in regions such as North America, Europe, Asia -Pacific and LAMEA are also assessed during the study.

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