Brands Make Grand Entry in 3D Display Market by Demonstrating Innovative Products

Limitations associated with non -glass technology is fueling the growth of 3D glasses in different segments. 

3D Display Market - Allied Market Research
Three dimensional display is undoubtedly an ultimate technology. From its acceptance in movie theaters to television manufacturing, to naked eye mobile phones, 3D display market has gained great popularity. They are now a part of our daily lives. Study carried out by Hyundai IT Corp. confirmed the fact that 3D television is likely to increase about 31 M units in 2012. Research Analysts at Allied Market Research eyeing the share and size, trends, demands and growth rate say display application is prominent in mobile and 3D glasses. Demands for 3D glasses have increased mainly due to limitations of technology of non-glasses. 

Competitive Landscape Status in 3D Display Market

Sony had made a grand entry into the sector by demonstrating its 3D LED television. Its players came with shutter glass type. Panasonic too exhibited its capability through its first ever full HD 3D LCD. Company named Real D had also benefited from its series of 3D equipment for movie theatre. Next in the list JVC had generated huge profits from the sales of polarized three – dimensional product named Victor. Sales of three- dimension monitor paired with shutter glass type had also attracted many users. Comprehensive plans for broadcasting promotion in Korea have kept the prospects of the industry robust in the region. 

Future of Holographic in the 3D Display Market Remains Robust 

Holography is likely to offer solution of various problems, owing to its capability to satisfy all depth cues. Its known to all that holography can provide realistic three – dimensional image of any deep 3D scene. Such image display is often affected by image blur in the age – old auto stereoscopic displays. Some of the finest examples are parallax-barrier or lenticular displays. 

Thus, one of the greatest aim of holographic is to display a very high –resolution 3D scene. It introduces to another world beyond the window display. Some images appear in neat side, like the room next, city, office and more. Observer can easily view display from a specific distance from display plane. He or she can also see even from close proximity. 

3D Display Market Ready To Take On Consumer Goods Industry 

Increasing demand for consumer electronic products across different nations has opened new avenue for these displays to expand. This technology is finally changing the user experience associated with the three dimensional television segment and is now geared up becomes a game changer. The heat will be felt in the sectors such as laptops, smartphones and tablets. 

A study conducted Frost & Sullivan, innovations is 3D display market has had a significant impact on the consumer industry. It further reveals that technology is influencing trends including mobility, smart devices and both convergence as well as connectivity. The research indicates revenues garnered by this sectors will reach $22 bn in 2018, with 3D television generating maximum profits. 

Another study published by Allied Market Research titled “World 3D Display Market - Opportunities and Forecasts, 2013 - 2020” shows the market would grow in regions such as North America, Europe, Asia -Pacific and LAMEA. Research further weighs up on business imperatives including growth rate, drivers, trends, share and size and demands among other factors. 

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