Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Market Pushes Technology Boundaries to Next Level

Development in safety features, has persuaded automobile manufacturers to test their features in Asia – Pacific countries such as China.

Over the past few years, advanced driver assistance system market (or ADAS) has been confined to just high end luxury vehicles. But times have changed. Today ADAS is famous with entry and mid-level categories driven in parts and are expected to comes into effect by 2020. Research analysts at Allied Market Research studying the growth rate, share and size and trends reveal that such systems need support for an array of applications from automatic braking, surround -view visual devices to pedestrian detect and more.

Backup Camera Becomes a Must for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Market

Industry expert are of the faith that back-up camera will become the baseline A recent study by the famous Insurance Institute of Highway Safety based in the United States indicated that the number of people dying in crash especially in late – model cars or other vehicles have gradually fallen. Astonishingly the numbers have fallen by almost 1/3 in just 3 years.

In fact, developments in safety has been highly responsible for improving the fatality rate by a great margin. Thus, vehicles being sold today in the market are known to provide paramount safety statistics over those launched 6 years back. This has built a virtuous cycle for automobile manufacturers, offering drivers all good reasons to spend on a new car sooner than later.

Intelligent Windshield Make the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Market Smart

At present, the windshields are making an effort to think on their own. The windshields were not so sophisticated when they were introduced for the first time in 1900. They were just optional. Drivers could select, whether their vehicle would come with or without windshields. The best ones came with hinges, so if the glass turned dirty driver had to simply fold it down. As the driving speeds increased, these products became a vital and over 100 years of innovation went into it. Today, windshields have finally thinking for themselves.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Market Focus in China

Many carmakers are operating round the clock on aligning the functionalities of ADAS with the growing consumer market in China. Besides this, BMW has joined hands with Baidu with many local automobile manufacturers including BAIC.  This is believed to empower automobile company to launch trials in China. These trials would enable companies to apply what they actually learned from such trials to define the ADAS package. Such initiatives further help in identifying critical situations that motorists in China face and tweak ADAS accordingly.

In addition, another brand -Nissan has collaborated with “Automotive Technology and Research Center “in China to test if the company’s lane keeping as well as collision avoidance system suit the driving habit of the people in the region.

Eyeing the recent developments in the sector, Allied Market Research has published a report titled “World Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Market - Opportunities and Forecasts, 2013 – 2020.” The study evaluates critical business factors such as industry growth, share and size and trends. Stakeholder seeking information by sensor type, system type and geography would find the report worth their time and investment.

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