Baby Diapers Market Builds Capacity in The Supply Chain

Baby diaper companies continue to adopt sophisticated marketing strategies to strengthen its expansion programs.

Today, disposable baby diaper market occupies a major share for more than one reasons. As per a study carried out by Richer Investment de CV the number of newborn under 30 months, is about 321 million. The research further reveals that if every infant used these diapers the requirement would be approximately 490 billion a year. According to the current statistics just one out five infant use the product. But by 2025 the researcher is confident that 1/3 of babies would demand disposable diapers. Research analysts at Allied Market Research eyeing the growth rate, share and size and key trends reveal that this would double the sales volumes by the end of 2025.

Neuromarketing Strategies Stabilizes the Baby Diaper Market

Neuromarketing in the sector continues to empower both marketing and advertising executives to refine their messages so that is reaches the potential customers and holds back their attention. The strategy further strengthens customer loyalty, specifically in the fast expanding categories such as baby diapers. For instance, in a country like the United States diaper advertisements for an infant is seen emphasizing on the connection – Love & Softness. At infant starts growing the message focus automatically shifts to the product size and highlights attributes such as absorbency. To attract the attention of parents of extremely active kids’ major emphasis is on factors like comfort and security offered by the stretch feature of the product. 

Product Performance Continues to Dominate Baby Diaper Market

The sector banks heavily on product performance and material trends. This can be clearly observed in various advertising messages, top selling diaper are emphasizing such as leakage protection and softness among others to highlight product performance. Suppliers of nonwoven material are being constantly challenged, when it comes to the delivery of affordable fabrics with greater functional performance and aesthetic value needed for different type of nonwoven component in advanced products. 

Efforts to Lower Risks in Supply Chain Continues

Several initiatives taken to lower risks in industrial supply chain since last years is growing. At present diaper manufacturers have increased their initiatives to operate with major suppliers to assess and re-design strategies. This initiative is focused on minimizing the risk encountered due to material shortages and price volatility caused mainly by accidents and natural disasters. Besides this, shortages due to changes in the upstream material also leads to risks in the supply chain.

Eyeing the major developments in the baby diaper market, Allied Market Research has published a report titled “World Baby Diapers Market - Opportunities and Forecasts, 2013 – 2020.” As per the study the industry is expected to generate $59.4 billion by 2020. Research analysts preparing the report use both qualitative and quantitative research techniques to examine the growth rate, share as well as size and key trends. 

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