Consumer Telematics Market Revolutionizes Vehicles as a Device

The consumer telematics unit becomes a communication system in a vehicle and enables powerful data collection and streaming system.

End-user targeted automotive-centric communication technologies, services as well as information is termed as consumer telematics. These systems are fast gaining momentum owing to the increasing awareness off the advantage of communication technologies and their positioning in vehicles for improved maintenance, convenience, safety and security. Besides assuring security, infotainment it helps in saving costs. Big giant such as Toyota, Ford and others are seen competing to in this open marketplace. Toyota had made headlines by introducing telematics services in both China and United States in 2009. Brands close competitor Ford is seen exploring its SYNC in the United States, with a launch planned in Europe soon. Research analysts at Allied Market Research assessing the growth rate, share and size and trends say government policies and regulations is an essential driver in regions such as Europe and countries like Brazil. 

Consumer Telematics Market Players Get Recognized for their Contribution

Many brands active in the consumer telematics sector are getting recognized for their revolutionary as well as highly accurate digital mapping systems. These companies are seen helping the automated cars not only to precise locate themselves but also plan different manoeuvres. Several new technologies have been introduced in the market since 2015. They have been launched in strategic locations and are the subject of major collaborations with different automotive suppliers. Tom Tom has recently backed the CLEPA Innovation Award. Commenting on their achievement Pieter Gillegot-Vergauwen, VP and product management for Maps said “Receiving the CLEPA Innovation Award is a fantastic recognition of the innovative automated driving products developed by TomTom.” He said “With the help of TomTom’s HD Map and RoadDNA, car manufacturers can count on a robust solution to solve the localisation requirements of automated vehicles”.

Consumer Telematics Market Welcomes New Entrants

New entrants are seen determined to making driving highly intelligent. Many of these ideas are born out of their personal experience. Track N Tell founded by Pranshu Gupta is one such example. This company is focusing majorly on consumer model. Founder of Track N Tell believes that the product can bring him close to 100,000 consumers a year if his product is smartly marketed as well as distributed. At present, this product is available on company website and Pranshu is out creating the marketing and distribution model in both Bangalore and Delhi. 

Consumer Telematics
Thus, eyeing the major breakthrough in the industry Allied Market Research has published a report titled “World Commercial Telematics Market - Opportunities and Forecasts, 2013 – 2020.”  The study weighs up on the important business factors including the share and size, key trends and adoption and growth rate worldwide. Stakeholders interested in understanding the performance of the market by type, application, end- user and geography would find the study worth their time and investment.

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