Hype about hygiene hands growth to disposable gloves market

Raised public awareness about touch-transmitted infections boosts global market for disposable gloves in healthcare, food, service, and packaging industry. 

Medical, as well as non-medical, approach to the disposable gloves market is influenced by increased awareness on transmission of microbes and body fluids through hand contact. Reason as basic as that, yet extensive application segments are realized for the same. End-consumption segments include healthcare service facilities - both surgical and diagnostics, food & beverage processing and packaging, centers, hospitality and personal service sectors, biotech and drug research facilities among others.

Disposable gloves in the world market

Basically speaking, disposable gloves are available in natural and synthetic polymer variants in the market. Further variations in polymer composites, such as latex, nitrile, vinyl and neoprene, add strength and shelf-life to the products. There have been reported issues of allergies due to the presence of certain protein complexes in natural rubber latex gloves. FDA, in a recent example, is planning to ban powdered gloves for surgical use in United States, after it was proved that they induce inflammation in human tracts during invasive medical procedures. Synthetic gloves, although comparatively expensive than natural gloves, pose reduced risks of allergies.

Disposable gloves producers all over the globe aim at implementing innovative manufacturing procedures and materials for an improved class and quality of products. The range of specialty products, developed in accordance to end-consumption considerations, shall help major players prosper. Advanced design specifications, rendering ease of wearing and changing gloves when speed of action is required. Manufacturers now, also focus on development of protein-free natural rubber gloves or alternatively work with high-end polymers that are environment friendly too.

Market prospects for disposable gloves industry

Expected growth for the relevant industry is currently driven by surgical applications and food service industry. There might not be much innovation noticed around this period for cleaning and industrial gloves as per business activities around the world. The increased incidence of infectious diseases could be accounted for one of the major reasons. While health awareness among world population compels food service industry to adopt ‘hygienic procedures’ that shall increase demand for disposable gloves. Drawing inference from recent FDA ban, we can predict the production of synthetic gloves to increase as compared to that for natural gloves.

Venturing out with upgraded materials would require manufacturers to regain safety approvals for its products. Rigorous testing procedures that would follow could possibly delay introduction to end-consumption platforms. Makers also need to be considerate about retaining lower costs for their renewed portfolio, with an understanding that it won’t be exactly on the key agenda of its consumers. In order to build an image where disposable gloves actually fall into prime focus, catchy advertising renders effect. In the same order, as part of human consideration, distribution into remote developing regions must be focused upon. This could be performed under health awareness campaigns, or as volunteered help to improve healthcare services in such areas.

Nodes of entry in disposable gloves market

Current market structure for disposable gloves poses extreme growth opportunities for its shareholders. Strategic acquisitions trend among all other practices for share expansion and market capture. Gloves with specialized features shall hit the right notes in usage patterns creating a paradigm in demand. The right material shall help get through strict regulatory affairs in different regions. Novel entrants need to aim at creating fresh demands along with laying out innovative products. Gloves intended for non-medical and individual use could play the trick.

As per a report titled “World Disposable Gloves Market - Opportunities and Forecasts, 2013 – 2020,” published by Allied Market Research, the net evaluation for industry is expected to reach $7.9 billion by 2020, growing steadily at a CAGR of 6.2% throughout 2014 to 2020. Among all geographies, the report predicts North America to become the highest revenue generating region, with a projected worth of $3,193.9 million. The report is inclusive of major driving and limiting forces for market growth. In-depth profiling of industry majors gives an insight to business structure and pertinent operations. It conclusively outlines profitable investment pockets for market stakeholders.

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