Mega-Trends Drive the Pursuit of Automotive Lighting Market

The major step would be variable lighting systems. What’s more remarkable is that they are completely automatic and are situation – dependent to control light.

Automotive Lighting
Some real mega trend in the modern automotive lighting has got many brands competing to position their products above others. This has further encouraged more and more technical discoveries in lighting. Research analysts at Allied Market Research eyeing the share and size of the industry say motorists from across the world are monitoring change than ever. Apart from this research believe that performance, safety as well as robust design are some of key focus areas of the product makers. Moreover, at forefront of advancements OSRAM along with other are seen embracing features to secure their positions as world’s biggest lighting suppliers in the automotive sector.

Automotive Lighting Market Sees Developments in Interior and Exterior Lights

Since the advancements of light emitting diode for application, the sector has witnesses a raft of discoveries in exterior as well as interior lights. Limitations in traditional headlights have finally led to its extensions. Besides this, OEMs are seen rapidly adopting latest possibilities that light emitting diode.

Latest Headlight Technology Boosts the Automotive Lighting Market

Automotive giants BMW and Audi had launched i8 and LMX respectively at the same time. These first series production automobiles were made available with laser headlights. Several lighting manufacturers that time were highly involved in developing the laser light. Thus, such light trends paved the way for products that were strong in both design as well as performance of headlight.

OLED panel lights are the future of Automotive Lighting Market

Organic LED or OLED are nothing but the technically developed light emitting diode. The demand for panel radiators paired with the homogenous light distributions, completely flexible product designs and various light colours are growing worldwide. This is actually the future of these lighting. Industry experts indicated that there are numerous possibilities for OLED in both interior as well as exterior lighting of automotives.

Introduction of bend lighting headlights in automotive lighting market boosts sales

The bend lighting headlight is definitely the talk of the town. These products have taken the sector to completely a new level for a promising future. Until now the mechanical assemblies were needed to move the different parts of a headlight or one had to move the complete headlight. However, this is a history. Thanks to the all new light emitting technology, cutting edge AFS or advanced forward lighting systems can be installed without much complexities that before.

Eyeing the development in the industry, Allied Market Research has published a report titled “World Automotive Lighting Market - Opportunities and Forecasts, 2014 – 2020.” Applying qualitative and quantitative research methods the study explores critical business imperatives such as growth rate, share and size and trends.

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