Smart Baby Monitors to Ensure Health & Safety of Babies

Providing information about heartbeat, breathing, body position, temperature, and health conditions of baby to parents is possible owing to technological advancements.

Baby monitor is a device which allows parents track health & wellness, safety, and movements of baby remotely. Growing number of working parents and nuclear family system are some of key reasons for increasing popularity of baby video monitors. Parents can track movements of their babies with the help of audio and video monitors. Awareness about baby safety, growing online retailing, and increasing disposable income are factors responsible for increasing demand. It is designed into wired and wireless monitors according to requirements of parents. Wireless monitors offer various advantages, such as portability, easy installation, and ease in connection to WLAN.



Owlet’s Baby Monitor to Track Heartbeat of Babies:

Owlet, a leading manufacturer of baby monitors has launched a new range of products that monitors heartbeat and breathing of babies, which is attached via sock. Baby’s room has a base station and a pulse oximeter sensor is used in order to communicate a problem to base station. All the information regarding heartbeat and breathing is sent to parent through an app in their smartphone. This monitor is ideally designed for babies of age up to 18 months. The manufacturer sold around 4,000-5,000 monitors in United States. Representatives of the company confirmed that it will be available in Europe in next six months.


Mimo Smart Baby Monitor Tracks Sleeping Habits:

Mimo Smart Baby Monitor is another option for parents who want to take care of their babies. This device provides information about baby through a transmitter in a belt wrapped around baby’s vest. Information about breathing, body position, temperature, and health conditions of baby is provided to parents. In addition, it also offers an information about sleeping habits of baby.


AT&T Introduces a New Line of Baby Monitors:

AT&T has collaborated with a leading manufacturer of children’s products, Baby’s Journey, to launch new line of baby monitors. They have designed monitors for the purpose of providing information about health and fitness of babies. Various models include AT&T Smart Sync 5-inch Internet Viewable Touch Screen Video Monitor, AT&T Smart Trac Digital Audio Monitor, AT&T Smart Link 4.3-inch, Touch Screen Video Monitor, and AT&T Sync Internet Viewable Camera. Each monitor includes an information to track height, weight, and sleeping habits. In addition, monitors will provide reminders for breast feeding, medicine, and diaper change. Features, such as Wi-Fi connectivity, compatibility with service providers, capture & share photos to social media, in-built rechargeable battery, and infrared LEDs for night viewing make it stand out in a competitive market.


Secure Monitoring Data from Hackers:

New York City’s Department of Consumer Affairs is urging people to secure their internet connected baby video monitors. Hackers are hacking into Wi-Fi and talking to babies into the middle of the night through monitors. “Set a strong password for your WiFi, for the system itself because anyone can just come up with a laptop next to your home, hack into your WiFi and they have access to everything,” said Chris Bovino of Northeast I.Tl.

Researchers are developing monitors using various technologies to improve efficiency and safety of babies. Technological advancements assist to maintain health and wellness of babies and ensure their safety. Analysts studying the baby monitor market have illustrated significant market information about changing market dynamics in research reports. Recently, Allied Market Research has published a report titled, “World Baby Monitor Market - Opportunities and Forecasts 2014 - 2020.” The report provides a comprehensive analysis of competitive scenario, market forecast, drivers & opportunities, detailed segmentation, and value chain analysis.

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