Spree to Acquire Companies Pushes Robotics Technology Market to Next Level

There are clear indications that field of robotic technology is undergoing a major facelift. Bots have received significant media coverage in the past five to six years.


Many big enterprises that had nothing to do with the technology are suddenly seen focusing on acquiring robot startups. Research analysts at “Allied Market Research (AMR) “assessing the growth rate, trends and share and size in the robotics technology market reveal that nations that were never on the radar few years back have now developed as prominent vendors in the robotics space. Many innovative designs and operational excellence linked with bots are being embraced by, among different things such as cloud computing as well as social media. Cost are decreasing gradually, aiding new app and entrants. Even the speculations of what was considered an intelligent machine is transforming fast. All these indications seem to outline that the technology is on the edge of something remarkable that can hopefully have influenced several lives in a positive manner.

Robotics Technology Market Leverages Cloud Computing

Robot are now leveraging cloud to perform huge volume of data processing. The technology has helped them in exchanging information with different bots in real time. Cloud has finally freed these machines from computing curbs and offered bots “enough brains” to combat challenges that they weren’t capable of before.

Commercial Investments Enhance Robotics Technology Market

Recently, commercial industry has been seeing making notable investments in the technology. While Google acquired several robotics enterprises, Amazon decided to invest in Kiva Systems. Another prominent brand Qualcomm made several heads turn when it decided to make significant investments in bots.

Growing Popularity of Drones Keep Robotics Technology Market Robust

The popularity of drones especially in the civilian segment has kept the market future bright. Its adoption rate in both internationally as well as domestically is likely to develop at a tremendous rate. However, until date such bots are known to have greater vulnerability from cyber security angle. Rising examples of car hacking displays how vulnerable these automobiles to cyber-attacks.

Robotics Technology Market Experiences Access to Social Media

Robots can now leverage social media. These machines are efficiently mining information such as videos, maps, images etc. on Facebook and Twitter. They apply AI technology including “deep learning” to obtain new perception abilities, which can aid them widen their attributes to understand their environment.

Monitoring the major development in the sector, Allied Market Research has published a report titled “World Robotics Technology Market - Opportunities and Forecasts, 2014 – 2020”. Study assesses the industry based on components, application, geography and key market players. Researchers evaluating the growth, share and size, opportunities and trends also examine the major drivers. Prominent vendors covered in the report are ABB Group, KUKU AG, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Yaskawa Electric Corporation and Kawasaki Heavy Industries among others. To conclude, the study considers different aspects that would help the business owners make smarter business decisions.

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