Tech Savvy Personal Care Electrical Appliances Market Needs to be Taken Seriously

Currently speciality styling devices offer both men and women the flexibility to be at par to all the must have trends without spending on costly services. 

Sales of personal care electrical appliances market have been promising this year. Hair care appliances worldwide especially in prestige departmental stores for beauty products grew over 15 percent. At present, speciality styling appliances are offering women more flexibility to be at par with various must –have trends without visiting a salon and spending on expensive beauty therapies. Research analysts, at Allied Market Research monitoring the recent development, share and size, indicate that celebrity style has been highly responsible for the increased sales of appliances such as hair straighners, hair stylers, ,shavers, trimmers among others. These devices play a vital role in helping the consumers create stunning looks with just one product.

Men hair: Still an Unexplored in Personal Care Electrical Appliances Market

The sector for men hair care has expanded rapidly over the past four to five years. Several online search results show that there has been an increasing interest in men hair over women hair. This increase is more than 5.5 percent which seems like walking a sleeping giant. Several studies indicate that not only is men’s role increasing in the industry but they are now the dream consumers for many brands. Men are believed to have high brand loyalty when compared to women counterparts. Besides this, desire for natural hair and with braids back in fashion hair care appliance has a robust future.

Women’s Shavers Keep Personal Care Electrical Appliances Market Sales Growing

Beyond the sudden rise in the popularity of electric shavers for women, different segments of hybrid hair removal equipment are also witnessing growth in demand. Certain consumer goods like bikini trimmers as well as pen-style trimmers for personal use that are known to provide more precision as well as multifunctional grooming are continuously increasing in terms of unit sales. In addition, the volume of such product and in-home device assuring professional style are also up in one year.

Connected Dentistry Gives Personal Care Electrical Appliances Market a Facelift

Today, oral care devices have been influenced by something called connected dentistry. Oral care devices are seen embracing high tech elements for many tech-savvy customers. New dentistry devices are including high tech features that can easily provide the best of healthcare with both connected as well as futuristic appeal. Apart from this, this approach in oral care just fits right with contemporary and young customers who love spending on smart gadgets that they believe is intuitive and important for everyday tasks.

Monitoring the advancements in the sector, Allied Market Research has published a report titled “World Personal Care Electrical Appliances Market - Opportunities and Forecasts, 2013 – 2020.” The study weighs up on the critical business imperatives such as growth rate, share and size and trends.

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