WHO Mandate Explains the Urgent Priorities of Smart Syringes Market

WHO is supporting lifesaving syringes for single use. They automatically break after one use. In 1998 WHO had allowed medical practitioners to use needles up to 200 times.  

Use of same needle on more than one patients has resulted in the spread of deadly infections globally. Millions and millions of individuals can be protected from the diseases acquired through unsafe needles if medical practitioners switch to syringes that can be used once. Researcher at Allied Market Research eyeing the growth rate, demands, trends and industry share and size say for such reasons, organizations like WHO are designing new policies. These regulations would enable several nations to deal with the pervasive problems associated with unsafe needles. According to a study carried out by WHO close to 315,000 individuals were infected with hepatitis C, approximately 33,800 suffered from HIV and 1.7 M with hepatitis B in 2010. This would open new avenues for smart syringe market. 

What WHO is Doing Best to Develop Smart Syringes Market? 
WHO has introduced safety guidelines and policies regarding syringe safety in 2015. The detailed guideline acts as a recommendation that focuses mainly on the value linked with the safety features for needles. Recommendations include tools that safeguard workforces against accidental syringe injury and frequent exposure to deadly infections. Analysts at Allied Market Research believe that the policy is a decisive measure in building a long – term strategy that can improve needle safety across Asian countries.  Commenting on WHO’s initiative Dr. Edward Kelly said “We know the reasons why this is happening. “Dr. Kelly further explained “One reason is that people in many countries expect to receive injections, believing they represent the most effective treatment. Another is that for many health workers in developing countries, giving injections in private practice supplements salaries that may be inadequate to support their families.”

Competitive Landscape of Smart Syringes Market
Commodious recently made headlines, when it announced that it patent pending for auto-retractable smart syringe would be soon go into full production. The company has helped the famous discoverer Ebrahim Karolia take his invention to the next level. From the initial idea through to the development Commodious has done every bit to introduce the product globally.   The policies laid by new WHO smart syringe mandate is a huge measure in the industry. Industry experts say that it is a measure in the right direction that would help in both fazing as well as replacing reusable needles. Furthermore, the mandate has also included other directions to its program. They have further planned on guiding and educating the health professionals on smart syringe. There has been a great demand for manufacturers to switch to a highly safe design. Apart from this, healthcare funders especially in the developing nations are expected to use the smart syringe policy across different countries. 

Prominent Users of the Smart Syringes Market 
Soon after WHO floated the mandate there has been much debate about its impact. These discussions were however not limited to the smart syringes industry but had also questioned the healthcare sector as a whole. The impact would be felt in the healthcare centers globally as it will protect more and more people from coming in contact with common infections that spread fast due to syringe reuse. Moreover, the same goes for the drug rehabilitation facilities and addiction treatment centers. These facilities are likely to witness less and less patients coming in with Hepatitis or HIV as an outcome of less needle sharing. Explaining the importance of these syringes Dr. Gottfried Hirnschall, the WHO director of HIV/AIDs department said “Adoption of safety-engineered syringes is absolutely critical to protecting people worldwide from becoming infected with HIV, hepatitis and other diseases. “He further added “This should be an urgent priority for all countries.” 

Eyeing the recent progress in the sector, Allied Market Research has published a report titled “World Smart Syringes Market - Opportunities and Forecasts, 2014 – 2020.” Study that weighs up on growth, trends, demand, share and size outline the sector will register a CAGR of 9.6 percent by 2020. Same research reveals that industry had generated around $4.8 bn 2015 and would garner $7.6 bn by 2020. 

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