Protection Becomes Important as Many Fall Prey to Zika Virus

For an effective result, application of practical techniques and repellents can help users protect themselves this year, overseas and at their home. 

Outdoor stores in Nashville were seen telling their customers that mosquito repellent were not available in the state. Why? Outbreak of Zika virus in 2016 is majorly responsible for the shortage of insect repellents outlines research analysts at Allied Market Research. Analysts analyzing the share and the size of the sector add due to virus scare suppliers are sending the product down south. First baby with Zika was born in New Jersey. As per the CDC, approximately 591 cases have been identified in the United States till date. What else is keeping the future of the mosquito repellent industry bright besides this no cure disease? 

Natural Variation Sounds Better

Several testing groups identified that natural repellents promise the best protection. They unveiled that their oils are not only less harsh on human nose, but also effective in protecting against swarms and swarms of mosquitos. Above all, the term natural definitely sounds better for buyers. It took close to five years for Fit Organic to develop a product that was effective against mosquitos carrying the virus. This proprietary formula is safe for both children and pregnant woman. Another product called Citronella Outdoor Sticks are the most sought after repellent rendered contemporary. Scientific testing reveals that these sticks are highly effective in keeping the mosquitoes away. 

Wearable Repellents Are Trending 

A Team of researchers at the famous “New Mexico State University” are busy testing a wearable repellent equipment. Their intention is to determine which device would offer the best protection against the insects. Biology professor at NMSU, Immo Hansen said "The goal is to find out what works and what doesn't," said Immo Hansen, an NMSU associate professor of biology involved in the investigation.” He explained “There are so many products on the market that simply don't work, so I think it's really important to test them in a scientific way." Devices are now being tested against Asian tiger mosquito and the yellow fever mosquito responsible for carrying the Zika virus. 

Repellent Soap Can Wash Away Diseases 

A soap designed to repel the insects for six hours is gathering quite a fame. Inventors are confident that if the soapy water is thrown in streets, will hinder mosquitoes from multiplying in stagnant water. Two Burkina Faso student are the brain behind the new repellent soap. The students further added that the soap would be easy on the wallet and simple in the fight to curb malaria. Moctar Dembélé and Gérard Niyondiko, have also been awarded a prize of $25,000 in 2013 for their discovery. They went on to become the first winners in Africa to have backed the “Global Social Venture Competition” award at the popular “University of California Berkeley.” 

Retailers Gear Up to Address the Problems 

Mosquito season in Chicago starts in summer. But customers are seeing more repellents that ever on the shelves. Both manufacturers and retailers look worried and busy to answer concerns about the Zika virus. Retailers say that they plan on stocking up after observing an increasing sale during the first months of 2016, compared to 2015. Many retailers are also putting up signs or adding pamphlets about the virus is over 3500 locations, to solve concerns and demands of the buyers. 

Perfume Offers More than Fragrance 

Customers applying Aromaflage would definitely be intrigued. The product seems to have addressed the two prime concerns. They can repel bugs. Besides this, they smell nice and makers add that it will be worth wearing as perfume and repellent. A team of researchers is also working to find out some highly effective repellents. Scientists are testing various substances such as DEET and random options. A recent study unveils that Bombshell by Victoria’s Secret can be as good as DEET. When test the perfume successfully repelled mosquitoes for about two hours. Researchers revealed that they had tested very high concentration of perfume. Such test is needed to confirm if dolling with up with this perfume can actually help in keeping the insects at bay.
For those still vary about trends, AMR report on Mosquito Repellent Market breaks in some good news.

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