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China Mobile in collaboration with Nokia Siemens Networks conducts a live demonstration of Video Downlink

World’s first ever D-LTE Femtocells demonstration was conducted by Nokia Siemens Networks and China Mobile Communications Corporation this month.
"User habits indicate that the majority of mobile broadband capacity will be consumed inside homes and offices where coverage is typically lower than outdoor spaces," said Huang Xiaoqing, General Manager of China Mobile Research Institute. "Miniature wireless base stations like Femtocells can improve the indoor service experience of our customers. Furthermore, TD-LTE Femtocells can fully leverage the advantages of TDD frequency, provide a fast and flexible indoor coverage solution and effectively manage network capacity and cost."

Live video downlink streaming was demonstrated by Nokia Siemens in the famous China Mobile's Research Institute laboratory. The demonstration showed an increased xDSL speed through residential broadband connection.
"LTE is around the corner and we are doing everything to ensure its r…

Tough Times Ahead For Zilmax

Merck wants to test its new animal feed additive Zilmax by feeding it to 240,000 cattle of United States. However, they are facing strong opposition from Cargill- giant meat manufacturer, as it doesn’t want to mix animal fed with drugs. This would be the one of its kind and biggest test ever in order to re-introduce weight increasing drugs in Canada and Unites States of America. This test would cost around $500 million.
Many feedlot owners are hesitant to take a part in this drug experiment until they receive green signals from slaughterhouses to buy drug-fed cattle. 
"I'd be happy to sign up, just as soon as Merck tells me who is going to pay me after they're done," said a feedlot owner in Texas. "It's been a horrible time, with the drought. I can't afford to give away a steer, let alone hundreds."
Cargill and Tyson Foods, two of the largest beef processors, were adamant in shifting grounds towards Zilmax. Both of them account for 37% of beef processi…