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Regenerative Medicines: A Potential Game Changer in the Medical Field

Regenerative medicines offer a wide range of medical opportunities; Improve bone development and healing, aid in severe muscle injuries as well as show traces of muscle regeneration
Regenerative Medicine is considered to be a revolution in the medical field. Technology has taken huge strides forward and come a long way. Medical science has embraced reliable and effective methods that have generated positive results. Robin Smith, CEO and co-founder of ORIG3N, a regenerative medical company, compares the regenerative medicine to the internet in 1993. 
According to him, this could be the next big thing in the medical field. The current regulations do not need a massive tweak to produce cost-effective drugs. Several organizations and industry players seek new pathways to expand their business and growth. Allied Market Research, explores the various aspects of the market in a report, ‘Regenerative Medicine Market’ such as market growth, share, and size. The industry is staring at a bright …

Automotive Interiors: Significant Aspects Influencing Buying Decision

Suppliers and manufacturers focus on offering enhanced overall driving experience by building superior interiors with technological innovation, collaborations, and R&D activities.

Buying decision of a vehicle is not influenced only by fuel efficiency anymore. It has exceeded the expectations of customers to have a comfortable overall driving experience. So, automakers have to take necessary measures to ensure that they are meeting customer demands and offering the best services at optimal prices. Though it presents challenges to manufacturers, technological advancements and increased focus on R&D activities have enabled them to incorporate changes in design of interiors to provide enhanced experience. Automotive interiors are systems and components designed for providing comfort, sound insulation, and convenience to users. Automakers are developing superior products with an introduction of innovative features that are capable of delivering a better overall experience. In its r…

Liver Disease Treatment Market Grows as Unhealthy Lifestyle Patterns Dominate

Changing lifestyle patterns and unhealthy food habits are pushing researchers to develop new medical solutions to treat liver diseases. Modern times have seen a significant change in lifestyle and general habits of human beings. Increasing alcohol consumption, unregulated diet patterns, and ignorance towards other minute health problems have all added to the condition. These factors are the major reasons why the number of liver diseases have increased worldwide. Likewise, ageing population that is vulnerable to various medical conditions also contribute to the liver disease treatment market. Eyeing this sudden rise in the number of patients with liver disease is Allied Market Research. This market research firm has published a report titled “Liver Disease Treatment Market.” The study explores the various aspects of the industry such as market share, size, and growth.  
Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) on the rise in developed nations
NAFLD is on the rise in the developed nati…

Future of Automotive Industry: 3D Printing

Increasing R&D activities in 3D printing, joint ventures of leading manufacturers, and ease in development of prototypes are responsible for growth in the automotive industry.

3D printing has transformed the world radically over the past decade with the way things are designed and manufactured. It has enabled manufacturers to build light-weight complex structures at lower costs. Automotive industry has benefited from the emergence of 3D printing technologies with its application extending from rapid prototyping to manufacturing final parts. In addition, it is a vital factor in supply chain and allows rapid innovation in products, thereby saving a lot of time and money. With endless possibilities, from manufacturing spare parts for developing new concepts from scratch, 3D printing is revolutionizing the automotive industry. In its recent report on automotive 3D printing market, Allied Market Research stated that the market is expected to register a CAGR of 21.8% from 2016 to 2022. …

Demand Across Sectors Open New Growth Avenues for Control Valves

The control valve market stands a fair chance owing to the demands in sectors like mining, oil & gas, and others. 
With a projected growth rate of over 6% by 2018, the control valves market is driven greatly by the oil and gas sector. It’s basically the controlling and automation requirements in the refineries that kept the industry growing say researchers at Allied Market Research. Besides, these valves demonstrate greater capability in the deep-water explorations continue analysts eyeing the size and share of the control valves market worldwide. That’s not enough! Different designs including sliding stem control valves and rotating shaft control valves are now being linked to greater performance. The demand for hydraulic control valve, pneumatic control valve, and electrical control valve has grown exponentially over the past five to six years. So what’s up with the industry players? 

Cast Steel Range Made a Headway 
Valve manufacturers are seen expanding their range by introduc…

Nuclear Medicine: An On-Demand & Safer Alternative for Conventional Radiation Imaging

The most advanced nuclear medicine manufacturing facility to complete its construction shortly. On the other hand, IAEA is taking initiatives for development in rural areas. 
Increasing number of cardiovascular diseases and cancer cases have enabled growing demand for nuclear medicines. They are alternative for X-rays and other radiation imaging devices and widely used in applications such as bone metastasis and lymphoma. Nuclear medicines, also known as radiopharmaceuticals, are radiating substances used in diagnosis and treatment of diseases and other conditions. For diagnostic purposes, a half-life of the radio nuclides used in radiopharmaceuticals is essential. They generally have half-lives of a few hours or a few minutes. New products with improved sensitivity have developed to get accurate results. 
Approximately 10% of the nuclear medicines is used for treatment of various diseases, majorly in pain relief for cancer patients. R&D activities in the pharmaceutical industry ar…