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New Two-step Turbocharger to Improve Performance and Reduce Lag

Fuel-efficient turbochargers with low emission levels are in demand as environment safety is a growing concern.

Environment awareness and price of fossil fuels will play an important role in development of next generation engines. Organizations are expected to maintain low levels of CO2 emissions so as to reduce fuel consumption. Thus, R&D activities are in full swing to develop environment friendly engines and turbochargers. Multiple organizations worldwide are coming together to come up with a product, which is fuel efficient as well as reliable in its functionality. Companies are investing time and resources to assure the production of top quality turbochargers. The volume of vehicle production has grown exponentially in the last decade, which has boosted the demand for turbochargers worldwide. Allied Market Research has recently published a report which gives useful information related to the industry such as market size, share, and growth. Customers are making a conscious eff…