Anti-Counterfeit Packaging Market in Security Documents & Event Ticketing Market Sees Screening Needs

Document and event ticket counterfeit cases are on the rise especially in the developing countries owing to the easy availability of cost – effective equipment that makes counterfeiting convenient. 

Anti-Counterfeit Packaging Market in Security Documents & Event TicketingThe crime of counterfeiting documents is as ancient as the creation of documents itself. At present, major advancements in printing techniques, photographic and personal computer, backed by the availability of affordable devices have made document counterfeiting relatively convenient. Research Analysts at Allied Market Research weighing up on the growth rate, share and size and current trends in the anti-counterfeit packaging market in security documents and event ticketing pointed out that criminals are often heard using stolen documents or event tickets to conduct financial or other crimes.


Cases keep Anti-Counterfeit Packaging Market in Security Documents & Event Ticketing Robust

Sudden rise in the fake id cases is keeping the anti-counterfeit security documents and event ticketing packaging market robust. In a recent incident, Pattaya police barged into the Print Express Store that was located in South Pattaya. They had received information that a print shop was involved in printing counterfeit document and different forgeries. A Russian named Mr. Abdul Ivanovis , age 22 was the man behind this crime. Police has confiscated a backpack that contained fake documents such as medical certificate, document issued by the Russian Consulate and Russian passport. In another incident a man dwelling in Livingston faced fifty felony counts in a counterfeit id case.

Anti-Counterfeit Packaging Market in Security Documents & Event Ticketing Sees Govt. Participation

Cops across different countries are seen working with clubs to curb the rising problems of fake identity cards. According to a recent news police are playing an active role to clamp down on many underage individuals with the help of several bars located in Sussex. Cops are seen encouraging the doorstaff to seize fake identity card that are shown to them at the venue. The ID scanners installed at the entrance stops underage individuals from getting an entry at these bars or clubs. Moreover, the law enforcement initiatives taken by the federal officials, guided by FBI as well as ICE too are significant. They have been capable enough of tracing the activities of many gangs who both produce and sell fake documents and event tickets. Besides this, the need for incorporating 1, 2 & 3 security features in the ID cards and driving licenses issued by the state and federal government remains the most debated topic in the United States. Government officials across different regions are focusing on introducing specialized as well as secure document production material.

Role of Technology Advancements

Prominent brands are indeed playing a vital role in helping both private and government bodies curb the issues of fake documents and event tickets. Thus, in an attempt to reduce counterfeiting activities Xerox Corp. had launched 2 printed memory labels. These labels have been particularly developed to store data regarding the authenticity and status of any product. 

Eyeing the developments in the sector, Allied Market Research has published a report titled “World Anti-Counterfeit Packaging Market in Security Documents and Event Ticketing - Opportunities and Forecasts,2014 – 2020.” Study that assess the growth rate, share and size and current trends indicate that the industry would register a CAGR of 9.5 percent by 2020. Research analysts conducting the research outline that sector is ready to generate $ 38.3 bn in sales during the forecast period.

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