3D Printing Technology: Changing the Manufacturing Process

Can you imagine your computer printing a solid substance? Can you think of a printer capable of printing tangible products? Certainly yes! This is because of a new technology called as 3D printing which can print tangible products as well as intangible services. The first commercial 3D printer was based on stereolithography technique. This was invented by Charles Hull in 1984.

Technology has grown leaps and bounds in the past few decades. With technological advent, life has changed a lot. One of such technology is of 3D printing which is showcasing immense potential for growth. Initially, 3D printing was used for rapid prototyping, but now we can witness that 3D printing’s higher application in diverse fields like car dashboards, shoes,jawbones for humans, jewelry etc.

Application of 3D printing has benefited many. LayerWise, a Belgium company created jawbone with the help of 3D printing technology that was implanted into an 82 years old woman. There has been another breakthrough by an Australian company named Inventech which created Bio 3D printers capable of printing tissue structures using human tissues.

3D printing technology is also proving itself useful in 3D printing of spare parts. 3D printing technology also has the ability to print different materials at same time. No doubt 3d printing’s popularity is increasing. Looking at the benefits of 3D printing technology in various fields, it may become mainstream.

3D printing is growing at a faster pace globally.3D printers will definitely revolutionize the manufacturing process in the future. A team of Loughborough University is presently working on 3D concrete printing that would be capable of printing 3D components for building on spot. This can prove to be the biggest breakthrough in 3D technology.

All these factors can be pacifying for investors in future. Also, latest report by AMR observed the overall 3D technology market to reach $175.1 billion, by the end of 2020. 3D printing may be one highest growing segments over others 3D technology market segments.

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