Horton works Becomes Center for Hadoop Solution

Hortonworks can be called as a offshoot of yahoo. Some of the original engineers who designed the search website, circulated architecture platform in order to spin out a company to support the open source Hadoop project. Hortonworks works similar to yahoo and open source Apache Hadoop code base. Every new code set from the Apache project is verified by Hortonworks on Yahoo's colossal 40,000-node cluster before releasing it as a Hortonworks distribution.

Hadoop Market

In the tech market, Hortonworks has gathered accolades. Recently Hortonworks has inked on some big name partners, including Microsoft, Teradata, Rackspace, and it even registered with the OpenStack Foundation. This decisions have legitimized not only this firm, but the larger open source Hadoop movement, industry pundits say.

"One thing we were trying to get away from are prepackaged vendors with proprietary stuff,” says Michael Peterson, Neustar's vice president of platforms and data architecture

For Neustar, Hortonworks proved a good decision. They acquired prepackaged open source Hadoop code. With the new platform, Neustarprovides customers long-term data set, historical analytics and trending visualizations all supported by Hadoop.

"The whole process has fit directly into the agile way we want to do things, it's allowed us to take calculated risks and do things quickly in a way where we can see the results," said Michael Peterson.

"Hortonworks is a company that will knit you into that community," he says. "If you're a company that's paying attention to the next generation of engineers and what types of teams they will build, going open source is what you need to do to energise that group." 

Well, looking at Hadoop Market trend and prospects, one would not be wrong to say that the technology is here to stay. Also, there was a comprehensive report published by allied market research which stated that the global Hadoop Market would reach $50.2 billion by 2020.

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