Male infertility sidelined: Claims Dr. Barnes in her book

A Cambridge expert claimed that the medical field has failed in curing male infertility. Matters relating to female infertility are usually widely discussed; however, male infertility still finds little space. Many men often end up getting the wrong treatment. This has been published in Dr. Liberty Barnes’s book, who is a member of Cambridge sociology department.

Her claims are a result of a detailed research carried out in the United States of America by interviewing numerous couples and doctors. She further stated that even after the share of male infertility being around 50% of the overall infertility cases, larger part of the attention has been sighted toward female infertility. This has resulted in less effective treatment methods to cure male infertility.

Dr Barnes said: “This is the standard coping mechanism in men – that their ‘messed-up plumbing’ is not their fault and is in most cases repairable.

“Male infertility is as prevalent as female infertility, but it’s invisible in our society.
“While female infertility support groups, blogs, news and literature abound, male infertility is hidden from public view.”

Dr. Barnes book provides us detailed information on the issues related to male infertility. However, male infertility awareness is rising slowly and steadily and male infertility market is garnering importance worldwide. There are not many researches that would provide significant insights into the male infertility market. However, there was a recent report published by Allied Market Research, which forecasts the global male infertility market to reach an exponential figure $301.5 million by 2020. We could see an effective treatment for this issue in future.

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