Quantum dot’s technology to change the application of Solar Cells

A recent work by the researchers of Los Alamos National Laboratory demonstrated that exceptional light emitting quality of quantum dots could be used in harvesting solar energy efficiently.

“The key accomplishment is the demonstration of large-area luminescent solar concentrators that use a new generation of specially engineered quantum dots,” said lead researcher Victor Klimov of the Center for Advanced Solar Photophysics (CASP) at Los Alamos.

With the help of colloidal chemistry, quantum dots can be synthesized with the atomic precision. By controlling dimensions, their color of emission can be tuned. Quantum dot’s highly efficient power emission with the property of color tunability is considered as the basis for quantum dotdisplay technology.

Klimov explained, “The LSC serves as a light-harvesting antenna which concentrates solar radiation collected from a large area onto a much smaller solar cell, and this increases its power output.”
“LSCs are especially attractive because in addition to gains in efficiency, they can enable new interesting concepts such as photovoltaic windows that can transform house facades into large-area energy generation units,” said Sergio Brovelli, who worked at Los Alamos until 2012 and now a faculty member at UNIMIB.

With solution processability, color tunability and high efficiency, quantum dots are best choice for luminescent solar concentrators that help to trap the sunlight. Quantum dots market has witnessed exceptional rise in few years. Although it is an emerging technology, many technological pundits coin it to be the next big thing. Many researches also suggest the same. For example, a latest report by allied market research, based in Oregon, Portland, analyzed the global quantum dots market to reach $5.04 billion by 2020.

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