Electronics is poised to have a bombarded growth in Graphene Market

The graphene report is an exceptional platform for those investors who wish to invest in the market. The report titled “Global Graphene Market (Product Type, Application, Geography) - Size, Share, Global Trends, Company Profiles, Demand, Insights, Analysis, Research, Report, Opportunities, Segmentation and Forecast, 2013 – 2020,” offers incisive insights into the market revenues and numerous opportunities.

The segment of electronics is poised to have a bombarded growth during the estimated period.

“Graphene, the thinnest and strongest two dimensional compound in the universe is nothing but an allotrope of carbon. This is a thin layer of pure carbon where the single packed layers of carbon atoms are bonded together in a hexagonal honeycomb lattice structure. Due to its unique structure, the compound is is endowed with exceptional physical and chemical characteristics, such as electronics properties, mechanical strength, optical properties etc,” stated Sarah Clark. 

North America would generate maximum revenue in the overall graphene market during the analyzed period. This can be credited to the increased sales of advanced technological gadgets such as touch screen devices or energy saving devices.

“The ballistic transport of its electron results in the high conductivity of the material as a result of which the material possesses a wide range of applications in electronics industry, such as transparent conductors, optical switches, conductive inks, high frequency transistors and integrated circuits, memory devices etc. Graphene could bring about a transformation in the smart phone industry due to its ability to produce flexible, conductive and unbreakable touch screens. In mobile screen, graphene conductive ink can be printed over the thin plastic surface instead of glass. As a result, the mobile phone could be light, flexible and as thin as a piece of paper. Moreover, the strongest material would also make the cell phone unbreakable,” added the analyst.

Characteristics that make graphene apt in electronic segment are its higher electronic quality, higher optical transparency and larger surface area. Furthermore, the transfer of electron is 200 times faster than silicon conductors due to its ability of being zero gap semiconductors.

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