Medical implant market in developing economies has a great future

Medical implants are manufactured medical devices which are used to support, replace or enhance any biological structure. Medical implant helps people around the globe to lead a better life. Growing need for an enhanced life for old age & disabled people, and recent development in medical technology is helping the medical implant market to grow.

A new report titled, “Medical Implants Market - Growth, Global Share, Industry Overview, Analysis, Trends Opportunities and Forecast 2012 – 2020” by Allied Market Research is a useful piece of information of the market insights. The report provides a fair analysis of the market scenario according to the geographies, latest trends in the medical implant market and growth rate of these trends.

According to WHO, the number of old age people around the globe is more than a 1000 million. However, out of these 1000 million, 700 million people belong to developing countries. Thus the growth of the market is influenced more by the developing economies. The major restraints of the market are the reimbursement policies.  Also the high cost, lack of expertise and the high risk involved with genetic diseases after implantation are creating troubles for the market.

Prominent players profiled in the report are Novartis AG, Boston scientific corporation, Johnson and Johnson, Abbott Labs, Edwards Life-sciences Corporation, Stryker Incorporated, Tornier NV,  Sorin spa, Orthofix International NV and Smith and Nephew plc.

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