Cutting–Edge Syphilis Testing In Demand Due To The Sudden Rise In Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Last month the ‘Daily Mail ‘in one of its article brought to light the fact that many in Rhode Island suffer from Syphilis due to dating applications such as Tinder as well as Grindr. The article further uncovers that the Syphilis cases in Rhode Island alone has increased up to 79 percent and hasraised concerned across the United States , as warned by the health officials. Furthermore, aspects such as high-risk sexual relationships including sex on different social media platform have triggered growth in diseases like HIV and Syphilis. Health experts also warn that those having unsafe sexual relationship with multiple partners put themselves at the risk of such (aforesaid) diseases.

To top it all, The Vermont Department of Health reveals that it is keeping a very close watch on the growing cases of on syphilis, followed by the figures disclosed by centres for Disease Control that shows the states that upticks in the transmission of the bacteria due to unsafe sex in US. Regions consisting of LAMEA, North America m Asia-Pacific and Europe indicate that they are experiencing rising Syphilis cases as a result of men preferring men partners for sex. Since 2000, the counts of sexually transmitted diseases have been soaring in United States, United Kingdom, Australia as well as Canada majorly among the MSM. The growing Syphilis cases are increasing irrespective of tremendous advancements made to control the disease.

To curb such issues it’s important for the patients to access paramount diagnostics, excellent medical therapy and effective pathogen which stays penicillin-susceptible. Syphilis, albeit very infectious can be easily cured at its primary as well as secondary stage which are believed to be the highly contagious stages of the Syphilis disease. Recently Allied Market Research has published a report titled “Global Syphilis Testing Market (Types and Geography) - Global Industry Analysis, Country-Wise Market Size, Share, Growth, Company Profiles, Demand, Insights, Trends and Forecast, 2014 – 2020.” As per the report the Syphilis testing industry is ready to rise up to $3,650.3 million by the end of 2020 and observe a CAGR of 1.2 percent through 2014 – 2020.

Apart from this a team of expert researches guided by biomedical engineering professor, Samuel K. Sia have launched a cost –effective microfluidic mChip that can diagnose Syphilis disease in just 15 minutes. Eyeing the growing cases of sexually transmitted diseases and breakthroughs in the diagnosis technology the future of the Syphilis testing market looks promising. 

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