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Health Experts Call For Funds To Boost Ebola Vaccine Shots

Last year, approximately 27,000 people were infected by the Ebola virus in West Africa. Several sources reveal that over 11,000 of them succumbed to the outbreak in 2014. The entire medical fraternity believes that effective Ebola vaccines would have saved many lives. However, the fact that the entire world now depends upon latest drugs or vaccine for the virus too cannot be ignored. This outbreak has affected mostly poor nations like Liberia, Leone and more. It was only after a public alarm; health officials from regions like Europe as well as United States paid a visit to West Africa. The sudden outbreak also persuaded scientists to develop and test potential vaccine candidates that had been awaiting consent for years. Several clinical trials in regions including Guinea too show that the latest inventions have proved fruitful.

 In addition, close to $ 8 billion was spent in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone for the development of Ebola drugs and treatment reported ‘NY Times ‘.  The …

Technology Trends Drives The Capsule Endoscopy System In 2015

Over the past few years medical sensors have become smaller. The MEMS (or Microelectrical-mechanical systems) have been popular in medical equipment, from stents to chemosensor. Even the capsule endoscopy systems comes with a miniature camera as well as radio technologies. These systems captures the images of human digestive tract from the inside. Latest discoveries in the data analytics, material science and equipment engineering collectively promise a much smaller and modish sensor. 
The recent development in miniaturization assures biocompatibility. Medical experts believe that the smaller the system, the less likely it would interfere with the immune mechanism. This is true for capsule endoscopy used to take images of the entire gastrointestinal tract. PillCam® SB launched by Covidien boasts of vitamin –sized, wireless pill design that can improve the diagnosis for small bowel diseases. Recently, a Vanderbilt University engineer, Pietro Valdastri received $1.5 million as grant to c…

Specialty enzymes find immense application in therapeutics

Enzymes are proteins naturally produced by living organisms that stimulate and speed up bio-chemical reactions. These prove beneficial in building new cells, repairing damaged ones in the blood and tissues of organisms. As these are multifunctional and have high specificity, they find widespread applications in pharmaceutical industries, in diagnosing chronic diseases and in the treatment of various ailments including cancer, cardiovascular diseases and more. Several Industrial and household catalysis depends on the activity of enzymes as they lower activation energy and improve manufacturing efficiencies. Besides, they are cost effective and act as eco-friendly catalysts in various industrial, environmental and consumer products.

Specialty enzymes are proteins that are used in pharma, biotech & diagnostics, and act as biocatalysts in reaction, accelerating the pace of reactions thus acting as a cost-effective and eco-friendly entity in industrial and environmental products. Specia…

Biosimilar Drugs Promises Cost Effective Treatment Even For Deadly Diseases

Follow- on biologics (FOBs) is a biological, inventor developed product that has greater similarity to biological products that has been already approved. Both approved biological medicines and FOBs have no clinical difference when it comes to the safety as well as potency of the products. The application of FOBs also popular as biosimilars in blood disorders, Oncology diseases, deficiencies in growth hormones plus may others, exhibit the greatest market potential as a result of dynamic patent scenario. 
Wider choice for biologic oncology treatment have now invaded markets including United States. The arrival of biologic for cancer treatment would help drive low cost for many of the highly –priced products in patient care. Treatments that worked as restraint for cancer’s biological substructure have undergone drastic change for some cancer types. The arrival of biosimilar now accounts for approximately ½ cancer medicine spending up from nearly 11 percent 10 years back reported IMS Ins…

Radial tires has revolutionized the global pneumatic tires industry

The market of tires in general is driven by the large scale manufacture of tires in automotive industry and their large adoption across passenger and industrial vehicles. Tires are highly engineered structural composites which are designed to provide good vehicle control and maneuvering, retreading and traction criteria, along with meeting safety and performance expectations of the customer.

Pneumatic tires are rubber tires filled with compressed air, the other raw materials being carbon black, steel wire, fabric, steel, polyester, nylon, and rayon, fabric cord and wires. The pneumatic tire market is largely driven by a tremendous increase in automobile production globally along with rise in the demand of tires in the replacement market.

The global pneumatic tire market is segmented based on the vehicle type, type of sale, product type and geographical locations. On the basis of type, pneumatic tires market is segmented into radial and cross-ply tires. On the basis of the type of veh…

Microwave Oven Maker Focus On Design Flexibility

Worldwide, people are taking to microwave cooking, as they believe it is healthy. To woo customers, microwave brands are now offering customers more than just, traditional cooking, grilling and steaming. Furthermore, with the aim to make these appliances a powerhouse of cooking, manufacturers are considering improvements in their existing freestanding or in –built features. Quick Touch model from Breville is a finest example that offers consumers a user-friendly interface. The brand enables users to adjust power level easily and accordingly to suit a particular food type. Breville’s top –selling make secures approximately 8.7% market value share in, the over $300 price category.

Another microwave manufacturer Panasonic is busy concentrating on the convenience of use, automatic features as well as whip smart technology to help buyers reap optimum benefits from their microwaves.  The new microwave innovation from the company promises multiple cooking techniques such as latest steaming fe…