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Automakers & Tech Giants to Collaborate for Better In-Car Infotainment

From radio to voice recognition systems, from CD players to LCD display with wi-fi network, modern & future cars are ready to give a whole new experience.
In-car infotainment (IVI) is a term used for system that is a combination of information and entertainment in cars. IVI system uses audio-video interfaces, and other two-way communication tools to offer various services to driver and passengers. Many cars include CD players, radio, or rear seat DVD as sources of entertainment; while features, such as mobile device connectivity, security, and GPS tracker are sources of information. Automakers have begun incorporating new devices and features with growing demand for faster and powerful tools. Continuous upgradation of consumer-electronics industry and emergence of smartphones are among the major reasons for creating opportunities for car manufacturers in in-car infotainment industry.

Spree to Acquire Companies Pushes Robotics Technology Market to Next Level

There are clear indications that field of robotic technology is undergoing a major facelift. Bots have received significant media coverage in the past five to six years.
Many big enterprises that had nothing to do with the technology are suddenly seen focusing on acquiring robot startups. Research analysts at “Allied Market Research (AMR) “assessing the growth rate, trends and share and size in the robotics technology market reveal that nations that were never on the radar few years back have now developed as prominent vendors in the robotics space. Many innovative designs and operational excellence linked with bots are being embraced by, among different things such as cloud computing as well as social media. Cost are decreasing gradually, aiding new app and entrants. Even the speculations of what was considered an intelligent machine is transforming fast. All these indications seem to outline that the technology is on the edge of something remarkable that can hopefully have influenced…

New Technique from Lava-Shield to Enable Recycling of Injection Molded Plastic

The innovative recyclable and reusable purge guards from Lava shield, stands ready to be adopted by the injection molded plastic market players.
Injection molding involves manufacturing of plastic by injecting a material into a mold, cooling, and solidifying of the product. A plastic material is fed into a heated barrel, mixed, and forced into a mold to cool and hardened to a configuration of cavity of mold.Injection Molded Plasticis used in variety of applications ranging from manufacturing small parts, such as bottle caps to bigger parts, such as body panels of cars. In the molding process, plastic material to be used, desired shape & features, and properties of molding should be taken into account before designing a mold. Injection molded plastic is an ideal option for productions of high volume of same product.
Injection molded plastic is manufactured using two types of polymers – thermoplastic and thermosetting. The thermoplastic polymers used in injection molding are polypropy…

Cloud security to get a boost with BYOD and CYOD gaining traction

Cloud security technology to prevent data breaches & data loss across organizations and would be driven by growing adoption of various cloud services models
Need for Cloud Security
The adoption of cloud computing technology fast becoming norm across organizations and enterprises of all sizes. The dominant concern is not what benefits will cloud security will offer that will boost the adoption rate since these are too obvious; rather, the prominent question that concerns companies is how to secure the network every time data is put on cloud. Cloud security consists of policies and controls, related to securing data on the cloud and their transfer by protecting applications and infrastructure. Threats such as data breaches, data loss, and different application programming interfaces (API) that need security are the factors that would give rise to imminent need of a comprehensive security solutions.

Cloud Service Attracts Business Users to Hadoop-as-a Service Market

Several HaaS companies are focusing removing complexities associated with using Hadoop and are adding features to take the company to the next level.
At present, the Hadoop-as-a-Service (or HaaS) Market spans several large and medium -sized enterprises. Big IT giants, enterprise software players and cloud computing vendor are favoring collaborations, mergers and acquisitions and joint ventures to improve their exiting global presence and widen their possibilities to research potential customers. Many smaller companies are seen acquired by major brands to grow both market share and consumer base. Research analysts, at Allied Market Research eyeing the major trends and size reveal that industry is observing the entry of several data analytics vendors who can compete with conventional and on-premise.

Telecom Brands Focus on LTE Market to Improve Government Services

Regions banking on the demands for high speed acts as a key driver for LTE sector. Besides this, first -mover benefit has kept the future of the industry robust.
At present, North America is seen taking a lead when it comes to LTE subscription counts. Research analysts at Allied Market Research constantly monitoring the growth rate, share and size and key trends hold the launch of early LTE networks responsible for such dramatic shift. Both Verizon Wireless as well as AT & T were the first one to introduce these networks to the market. However, the sudden growth in operator’s commitment in matured and developing regions such as Asia – Pacific has interested many investors off late. The region has led to year-on-year growth in the subscription to strengthen its position like North America. Apart from this, the operators active in Western European region are finally pushing the 4G adoption rate. 

Internet Security Market Banks Heavily On Talent Pool

Increase in cybercrimes has created a need for more internet security experts across different regions.
 At present, many technology and service providers are helping companies safeguard their internet presence. Certain trends that internet security market is observing includes organizations coming under blame, the rise of dangerous smartphone applications and sudden rise in the counts of cyber criminals continuously harnessing the capabilities of social medial. Research analysts at Allied Market Research assessing the growth rate, share and size and trends outlined that the sector has tracked a tremendous increase in malware, with trends targeting Android phones. When downloaded onto mobile phones, criminals easily gain access to important information, which is then misused without owners knowing it.

Advanced Curing Techniques to safer Processed Poultry Meat

Upcoming consumer apps to trace back all inputs in industry demands that would lead to safer curing techniques boosting the processing poultry meat market growth.
Processed poultry meat market experiences larger consumer demand as compared to meat from other sources such as beef and pork. The main reason is, processed poultry meat being the healthier alternative, with complementary benefits, such as convenience of storing, assorted choices, and enhanced flavors. The industry takes live stock from poultry farms or raise their own under monitored breeding. From ancient salting and smoking performed on parts, or entire carcasses, it moved over to using more complex chemicals, in an advanced processing environment. Therefore, monitoring compliance of these techniques with safety standards and tracing safe content in them in necessitated.

Popularity of Processed Poultry Meat Market
Spoilt for choice and flavor, global population loves the ready-to-eat concept in processed poultry meat. For…

Smart Homes, Buildings Market Driven by Environmental Concerns

Smart homes and buildings market to witness the adoption of technologies like HVAC and technological advancements that hopes to improve efficiency and quality of space conditioning
During the past years, technology has transformed the way business is done; in an effort to contain rising energy cost and attain energy efficiency, it has changed the real estate sector. New technologies on making energy-efficient and automated buildings, both across commercial building market, are making gaining traction in the smart buildings market. Increasing adoption of smart homes and buildings technology through well-integrated technologies will ultimately lead to larger goal of “Smart Cities”

Second Generation Biofuels Market Attracts Huge Investment in U.S.

Second-generation biofuels gaining prominence due to its potential to reduce emissions across regions and in effectively managing global energy fuel supply.
Second generation biofuels, also known as advanced biofuels, and are distinctly different from first generation biofuels in terms of raw materials and processing technology. The feedstock used in producing these biofuels are generally not food crops; these are made from non-edible lignocellulosic biomass, including residues of crops or forestry production, and whole plant biomass. Food crops such as waste vegetable oil can be used as raw materials since it is no longer fit for human consumption; however this does not imply that they can be burnt directly as the biomass. Several of these biofuels, such as Switchgrass is preferred in the U.S., are grown particularly to act as direct biomass. These biofuels are considered as more viable energy option of the global energy fuel supply of the world as they are more energy efficient than …

Croda to Increase Production Capacity of Surfactants in Its Northern France Plant

This significant increase in production capacity is a strategic investment to ensure that the site can continue to play its role in supporting our global business, said Croda CEO.

Surfactants are compounds used to reduce the surface tension between two liquids or between a liquid and a solid. Surfactants may act as emulsifiers, detergents, foaming agents, wetting agents, and dispersants. Surfactants break down the interface by reducing surface tension between water and oils or dirt.  Low price, easy availability, and broadened application areas are factors responsible for increasing the Demand for Surfactants. Surfactants were primarily used in the detergent and soap industries. But, this trend is changing with increasing use in other industries such as fabric industry, paper industry, agrochemical industry, the cosmetic industry in shampoo, and others.

Surfactant Applications:
Surfactants are used to reduce the surface tension or interfacial tension as compared to an adjacent phase. Fol…

A New Sludge Treatment Facility by MWRD to Clean the Chicago River

The Skokie water plant will be the second water treatment facility of MWRD that disinfects treated water.
Sludge is a by-product obtained during Treatment of Wastewater. The process of Wastewater Treatment involves elimination of the wastewater and sludge is obtained during the process. Sludge contain large quantities of microorganisms, organic matter, pathogens, and bacteria which can cause harmful effects on human health. Reducing the volume of sludge and stabilizing organic materials is necessary before it goes through the final disposal process. Pungent smell is eliminated in a stabilized sludge and easy to handle without risk of safety hazards. Furthermore, the cost for storage, pumping, and disposal of the sludge decreases with a smaller volume.

Sludge treatment Chemicals:
Typically, a polymer chemical is used for dewatering process in which the volume is reduced. Polymers chemicals are slippery and can also be used as environmental stress crack agents. Dewatering reduces sludge li…

Growing R&D Activities to Develop Eco-Friendly Production Process of PLA

Newly developed cheaper and eco-friendly methods would be a great alternative for  petroleum-based products.
Polylactic acid (PLA) is a biodegradable polyester derived from renewable sources, such as corn starch, sugarcane, tapioca, and others. It is used majorly in packaging applications in food & beverages and other products having shorter shelf life. In addition, it is also used in textile, automotive, and construction applications due to its versatility. Easy availability of raw materials, favorable government policies, and growing consumer awareness are factors responsible for increasing usage of PLA.

Adoption of Cleanroom disposable gloves across a spectrum of industries to boost the market growth

Cleanroom disposable gloves gaining prominence a range of pharmaceutical industry segments and manufactures offer gloves made from advanced materials such as nitrile, vinyl and neoprene.
Fast Expanding applications of Cleanroom disposable gloves
Cleanroom disposable gloves find large application in the semiconductor, pharmaceutical and electronic industries. They are primarily used to avoid cross contamination from hazardous materials and as essentials in maintaining an aseptic working environment. These gloves are manufactured using different raw materials such as nitrile, natural rubber/latex, vinyl, neoprene and others. Each raw material has unique property which makes it suitable for different cleanroom applications. For instance, nitrile and vinyl gloves are preferred over other cleanroom gloves, as they provide better grip and puncture resistant features as compared to the other gloves.

Hype about hygiene hands growth to disposable gloves market

Raised public awareness about touch-transmitted infections boosts global market for disposable gloves in healthcare, food, service, and packaging industry. 
Medical, as well as non-medical, approach to the disposable gloves market is influenced by increased awareness on transmission of microbes and body fluids through hand contact. Reason as basic as that, yet extensive application segments are realized for the same. End-consumption segments include healthcare service facilities - both surgical and diagnostics, food & beverage processing and packaging, centers, hospitality and personal service sectors, biotech and drug research facilities among others.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Market Pushes Technology Boundaries to Next Level

Development in safety features, has persuaded automobile manufacturers to test their features in Asia – Pacific countries such as China.
Over the past few years, advanced driver assistance system market (or ADAS) has been confined to just high end luxury vehicles. But times have changed. Today ADAS is famous with entry and mid-level categories driven in parts and are expected to comes into effect by 2020. Research analysts at Allied Market Research studying the growth rate, share and size and trends reveal that such systems need support for an array of applications from automatic braking, surround -view visual devices to pedestrian detect and more.

Energy Saving Capabilities Takes Permanent Magnet Motor Market to Next Level

Robustness and energy saving capabilities are seen driving the permanent magnet motors sector worldwide. 

One of the prime technology required for building a low –carbon community, including the generation next automobiles are permanent magnet motor. Furthermore, energy – saving household electric appliance are also depending greatly on the permanent magnet motor. Research analysts at Allied Market Research monitoring the growth rate, share and size and trends that demand for capabilities such as sustainability when hybrid vehicles are exposed to high temperature has kept the market future robust.

New Products Replenish North America Air Compressor Market

Technology advancements are enabling the air compressors to replenish the air that is used.

Compressed air is considered to be a vital energy source that supports manufacturing activities. Furthermore, research analysts at Allied Market Research eyeing the growth rate, share and size and trends of North America air compressor market say that as it is a high cost component, there is a strong need for improving the capability of the existing systems and provide saving opportunities. Apart from this, to understand this potential, it is important to understand the system dynamics as well as ensure that the supply form compressors match the system needs. Besides this, the air compressors can replenish air that is used. It is a vital difference.

Increased Oil Output across Nations Cushions the Oilfield Auxiliary Rental Equipment Market

Rising stocks, Obama’s BLM and increasing oil output in Russia are expected to open new opportunities for the oilfield auxiliary rental equipment. 
The oilfield auxiliary rental equipment market consists of those machine as well as instruments that are particularly used to support drilling at oilfields. Equipments that are not used too frequently are mainly availed on rent by different oil extraction enterprises. These equipments include sewage systems, storage tanks, junk catchers and drilling equipment among others. Research analysts at Allied Market Research eyeing the share and size and key trends in the industry hold increasing demand for various energy sources responsible for growth. In addition, the impending demand for cost optimization as well as rising deep shore production operations have also kept the industry future robust.

Tech Savvy Personal Care Electrical Appliances Market Needs to be Taken Seriously

Currently speciality styling devices offer both men and women the flexibility to be at par to all the must have trends without spending on costly services. 

Sales of personal care electrical appliances market have been promising this year. Hair care appliances worldwide especially in prestige departmental stores for beauty products grew over 15 percent. At present, speciality styling appliances are offering women more flexibility to be at par with various must –have trends without visiting a salon and spending on expensive beauty therapies. Research analysts, at Allied Market Research monitoring the recent development, share and size, indicate that celebrity style has been highly responsible for the increased sales of appliances such as hair straighners, hair stylers, ,shavers, trimmers among others. These devices play a vital role in helping the consumers create stunning looks with just one product.

Consumer Telematics Market Revolutionizes Vehicles as a Device

The consumer telematics unit becomes a communication system in a vehicle and enables powerful data collection and streaming system.
End-user targeted automotive-centric communication technologies, services as well as information is termed as consumer telematics. These systems are fast gaining momentum owing to the increasing awareness off the advantage of communication technologies and their positioning in vehicles for improved maintenance, convenience, safety and security. Besides assuring security, infotainment it helps in saving costs. Big giant such as Toyota, Ford and others are seen competing to in this open marketplace. Toyota had made headlines by introducing telematics services in both China and United States in 2009. Brands close competitor Ford is seen exploring its SYNC in the United States, with a launch planned in Europe soon. Research analysts at Allied Market Research assessing the growth rate, share and size and trends say government policies and regulations is an ess…

Commercial Telematics Market Makes it Presence Felt in Progressive Operations

Big Data finally makes its presence felt in the telematics market. Road Safety is of prime importance for commercial telematics. 
Over the past few years the telematics industry has matured in the regions including Spain, United Kingdom, Germany and France. Research analysts at Allied Market Research monitoring the share and size, trends and growth rate of the commercial telematics market highlight that development of telematics systems in the commercial vehicle space is expanding fast. Apart from this, the influence of Big Data as well as Road Safety would be strongly felt in the industry and future automobiles and systems integration in the coming years.

Solid State Transformers: Mitigating Power Loss in Smart Grids

As global energy consumption surges, inclusion of solid state transformers is necessitated further for their power-smart performance in electrical utilities.
With regard to the net power losses incurred in electrical utilities accountable to outage duration and equipment inefficiencies, while being on the same page for global environmental concerns, the implementation of smart, or solid state transformers, is a must. Backed by innovatively designed active power control from semi-conductor electronic devices, these transformers hold a promising solution to the future of power industry.

Anti-Counterfeit Packaging Market in Security Documents & Event Ticketing Market Sees Screening Needs

Document and event ticket counterfeit cases are on the rise especially in the developing countries owing to the easy availability of cost – effective equipment that makes counterfeiting convenient. 
The crime of counterfeiting documents is as ancient as the creation of documents itself. At present, major advancements in printing techniques, photographic and personal computer, backed by the availability of affordable devices have made document counterfeiting relatively convenient. Research Analysts at Allied Market Research weighing up on the growth rate, share and size and current trends in the anti-counterfeit packaging market in security documents and event ticketing pointed out that criminals are often heard using stolen documents or event tickets to conduct financial or other crimes.

3D Entertainment: A Thrilling Experience at Home

The emergence of 3D television, gaming, and networks has brought more thrilling experience at home.
Three dimensional technology is used in variety of applications owing to technological advancements. Applications of 3D technology include printing, entertainment, healthcare, defense, automobile & industrial, architecture, and others. Increase in demand of advance technology based products, 3D entertainment, 3D display shipment, and 3D printing are factors that create opportunities for growth. In medical and forensics, 3D printing has brought an evolutionary change in the way professional conduct surgeries and complicated operations. Healthcare industry would grow at the highest rate in coming years owing to technological advancements. The demand for 3D technology is increasing healthcare professional as it provides convenience and improved efficacy in research and surgeries. 
3D Technology in Entertainment: Another application area that is booming due to 3d technology is entertain…

New Technology Integration Take On the Intelligent Lighting Controls Market Globally

Intelligent lighting controls manufactured are focused on affordable and green energy solutions to all their forward thinking customers. 
In the middle of the dramatic shift from previously stable fluorescent lighting market to highly efficient light emitting diode lighting industry, sector for lighting controls have expanded at a tremendous speed. The major expansion has taken place in terms of an array of control systems made available and sheer count of the systems being installed. Research analysts at Allied Market Research assessing the growth rate, share and size and major trends in the intelligent lighting controls market hold building energy codes highly responsible to fueling the increasing adoption rate of basic lighting controls including sensors and photosensors. These codes further persuade the lighting projects to consider upgrading and embrace an extensive control system at an affordable price hike. 
Demand Response Served by Intelligent Lighting Controls Market   There…

Screenless display as next-generation interfaces gaining traction across regions

Screenless display market to be driven by technological advancements and efforts by key market players to bring down the cost
World over, screen has been a prominent technology that enables us to interact with devices and share information. Screenless display as next-generation interface technology is fast gaining traction. The new technology enables us to project images onto our retina, open space and even directly to our brain. The trend is gaining prominence led by the miniaturization of various devices such as wearables and holographic display. Though, the industry analysts consider this technology as a nascent one, its adoption is expected to increase continually through the forecast period; the market would be driven by many technological advancements and continuous reduction in the cost of screenless display devices. Furthermore, less consumption of power, enhanced portability of these devices and wide range of viewing angles and increased privacy offered by the technology are …

IP Video Surveillance & VSaaS gaining traction across organizations of all sizes

IP Video Surveillance & VSaaS market getting fast adoption across commercial and government sectors in the backdrop of general national threats and enhanced features offered by IP based surveillance.

Over the past few decades, surveillance techniques have undergone dramatic shifts. Analog tapes and security personnel are passé; IP Video Surveillance is fast emerging as an advanced technology, leveraging and integrating the functionalities of digital video cameras, remote access, and intelligent analytics. The evolution offers organizations significant opportunities to explore in improving their security with reduced operating costs.

Factors boosting the demand of IP Video Surveillance & VSaaS in South Africa There is a growing demand for video as a service among business enterprise of all scale to maintain a comprehensive security solution and also being budget friendly. They do away with large infrastructure cost & costly equipment by availing video surveillance as a serv…

Advanced Pigments Deck Market Opportunities for UV Light Stabilizers

Pigments are basic to UV light stabilizers industry components. High-performance composites with advanced results presently drives market growth.
Utilization of outdoor spaces for spending living time has increased over recent past. Patios, yards, terraces, and balconies connect the joy of being home with outdoor experience. To make the duration comfortable and appealing, exterior fittings and furnishings have gained attention. These apart from design considerations aim at fulfilling consumer budgets and style. With the serenity of nature comes other environmental elements such as rain and sunlight. To prevent the weathering of coatings and materials under the effect of UV radiations, light stabilizers are employed. Current UV light stabilizers market explore beyond basic pigments, and into innovative combination of different materials as well as stabilizers for better protection.
Need for UV light stabilizers  Ever noticed discoloration and cracks in furniture or flooring over the pa…

Food & Pharmaceutical Brands Reinforce Anti-Counterfeit Packaging Techniques to Trace Quality

Anti-counterfeit packaging technologies are pushing hard to lay down food and drugs quality and safety traceability systems. 
We often act as a trusting eater! When a server introduces the dish we think it is what the menu claims. What we forget here is labels can also lie. Thus, when it rounds up to it, customers can easily identify the difference a fresh catch and the flaky one lying next. Whether buyers like the fact or not food fraud does exist. On the other hand, counterfeit of prescription pharmaceutical are an ever growing trend. Research analyst at Allied Market Research (AMR) analyzing the business environment of global anti-counterfeit packaging market say it is a risk on public health.  AMR that has long been capturing data on market growth, share and size, trends, drivers, opportunities and demand emphasize that counterfeiting of pharmaceutical drugs are a serious concern to privates enterprises, public health officials and customers.

Anti-counterfeit Packaging: Bringing Share Equity Back For Brands

Duplicated packaging dilutes market equity shares for leading brands in food and beverages. Anti-counterfeit packaging techniques hold solutions.

Food and beverage packaging industry complexes along the varied consistency of eatables and fluids in consumer demand. Black sheep players in the market sneak in with their duplicated packages, harnessing profits and reputation of certain brands as personal profits. Certain regional markets are highlighted for high counterfeiting activities in packaging. This may or may not include, imitation of label graphics, similar color sequences and name for their content, plus replicating both package and content.

Adopt Smart Technology for success in Air Fresheners Market

Major brands are competing for a leadership position by adopting innovative business strategies. 
The air fresheners market worldwide is poised to generate billions this year. Industry today is highly driven by a sudden increase in the importance of aromatherapy. Research analysts at Allied Market Research keeping a close watch on the growth rate, share and size and trends hold tremendous changes in geographic trends including customer preference for decorating their adobe with aromatic products and urbanization responsible for industry growth. As per several surveys conducted Europe is likely to continue its dominance in these sectors. Although Western nations have already proved their dominance, developing regions like Asia – Pacific and LAMEA are expected to drive the market in years to come.

Experts Go Mainstream in World Hadoop Market

Amid Hadoop’s increasing adoption rate, services providers are seem hiring more experts.
Large number of businesses are seen building smart apps atop Hadoop. The market is also seen pushing beyond just analytics.  Research analysts at Allied Market Research examining the growth rate, share and size and trends of the Hadoop market highlight the technology has already fulfilled its vow for data lakes, conventional and modern analytics and more. Some of the key believers of this technology consists of Netflix, Wal – Mart and more. There are clear indications that CIOs who have been late to adopt the technology would be seen making it a priority in 2016.

Companies Would Remain Interested in Leveraging Hadoop Market
The count of enterprises intending to leverage the technology for advanced application cases would continue to increase. Over half of the large enterprises view the technology as a means to innovate, applying information from internet of things and social media platform and usi…

Medical Tourism Market Fuels the Aim of Healthcare Service Providers to Go Global

Cost – effectiveness and easy accessibility of paramount quality medical services paired with assistance from the tourism has kept the future of medical tourism bright. 
Medical tourism can be traced back to the ancient times, when rich Europeans traveled within their continent to seek medical treatments. Research Analysts at Allied Market Research assessing the growth rate, share and size of the medical tourism market highlight that at present this trend is being popularized by the Americans and Canadian. Apart from this, the count of people from Britain travelling to different countries for cost – effective medical services have also increased over the past five to six years. Increasing cost of healthcare services has persuaded the modern customers to look out for different ways to lower the expenses and still receive the medical assistance they require. 
Medical Tourism Market Helps Healthcare Services Go Global There are many things new about this sector. The direction of flow has d…

EXCiPACT Expands Beyond Europe to Ensure Best Quality of Excipients Worldwide

Excipients are an inert substances used along with active ingredient in manufacturing process to aid in handling active ingredient and for long-term stabilization of a drug. It is also useful in facilitating drug absorption, reducing viscosity, and enhancing solubility of a drug. The selection depends upon the dosage form, active ingredient, route of administration, and other factors. It enhances overall safety & functionality of drug during its storage or use and has an ability to alter color, shape, and taste of a drug.

EXCiPACT, an excipient certification organization, has started making their way into China, India, and U.S. markets. It is expanding beyond Europe, where it started three years ago. EXCiPACT is an independent certification body that fulfills needs of pharmaceutical companies to demonstrate GMP compliance of suppliers. It has recently issued first GMP certificate in US. It was the 26th certificate since its inception. Many certificates have been issued for Europe…

Advances in expanding the clinical applications of EPO drugs to boost the market growth

EPO drugs market witness promising growth features driven by its adoption to treat anemia, availability of low-cost biosimilar and increasing clinical researches.
Erythropoietin (EPO) production & applications
Erythropoietin (EPO) is a hormone that is produced in the bone marrow that controls and promotes the mechanism of erythropoiesis–production of red blood cells; the major part is produced in kidneys in the stage of adulthood. Biotechnology companies produced the first genetically engineered EPO in the 1980s for clinical use and since then the hormone has been used and is available as a therapeutic agent. EPO drugs have vast therapeutically applications in the treatment of anemia induced as a side-effect of chemotherapy or radiation in case of cancer treatment, HIV therapy, or heart failure. EPO is available the market for these medical treatments under trade names, such as Epogen, Procrit, and Aranesp. Recent clinical investigations are being made on using drugs for the treatm…

Clean Lifestyle Pushes Weight Loss & Weight Management Diet Market to Transform

Raising awareness among people and rise in obesity cases have encouraged many World weight loss and weight management diet market players to step – in.

Undoubtedly, the traditional view pertaining to dieting still dominates a part of Europe and North American tradition; there are some notable shifts underway. Research analysts at Allied Market Research monitoring the major trends, growth and share and size in weight loss and weight management diet market indicate that mindsets are actually the increasing alignment of all efforts connected with weight management. Instead of putting a check on what consumers are likely to consume during their mealtimes, they are concentrating on bringing about a change in their snacking habits. They believe that this would enable them to achieve success with shedding that extra pound.

Mega-Trends Drive the Pursuit of Automotive Lighting Market

The major step would be variable lighting systems. What’s more remarkable is that they are completely automatic and are situation – dependent to control light.

Some real mega trend in the modern automotive lighting has got many brands competing to position their products above others. This has further encouraged more and more technical discoveries in lighting. Research analysts at Allied Market Research eyeing the share and size of the industry say motorists from across the world are monitoring change than ever. Apart from this research believe that performance, safety as well as robust design are some of key focus areas of the product makers. Moreover, at forefront of advancements OSRAM along with other are seen embracing features to secure their positions as world’s biggest lighting suppliers in the automotive sector.

Parent’s Openness Brings Transparency in the Baby Food Market

Dramatic shift in urbanization and changing lifestyle have made the parents highly dependent on baby food market. Increase in disposable income too plays a key role in keeping the prospects of the sector high.

Global economic downturn in 2008 had affected the FMCG industries, including baby food market. Hit hard by recession, parents were seen preparing food at home. Mothers too returned to breastfeeding owing to the rising cost of the formulae food back then. However, the sector is reviving now owing to the growth in packaging innovation and brand image as balanced, safe and time -saver. Research analysts at Allied Market Research tracking the recent trends and share and size indicate that sector is highly influenced by the formulae sales. Apart from is baby drinks and snacks have been the most sought after products, as a result busy lifestyle of the couples and increase in dispensable income.

Safety in Operational Diversity: Key to Construction Equipment Market

Increased infrastructure development scales over diverse global landscapes. Construction equipment manufacturers place operator safety on high-priority.

Heavy construction machinery aid to infrastructural expansion activities around the world. Classified products are put to use in clearing vast expanses of lands, exploration for oil and coal, building military posts and routes, installing industrial facilities, added to their implementation in public works department. Dense diversity of end verticals that use construction equipment, could be segmented on the basis of solutions they cater to in different industrial applications. Manufacturers strive hard to attend to on-field issues with their products, customizing at each step to meet safety and regulatory requirements. Apart from this, machine reliability, cost-efficiency, and power efficiency constitute the standard set of manufacturer concerns. 

Flexitarian Approach of Consumers to Increase Demand of Meat Substitutes

Consumers are taking ‘flexitarian’ approach rather than a vegetarian approach. Over the past five years, consumers are preferring plant based food and including meat occasionally.

Meat substitutes are manufactured from plants and resemble meat, fish products poultry in taste, color, and texture. Soy meat alternatives, also known as meat analogs, are made up of soy protein, carbohydrates, and wheat gluten. Meat substitutes are also made from tofu and flavors are added to enhance sensory qualities. Diverse products of soy meat substitutes are available in market. In refrigerator case, products such as beef and sausage style crumbles, deli slices & sticks burgers, wieners entrees of stew, and chili or pasta taco fillings can be found. In freezer case, burgers & crumbles, sausage style links & patties, chicken-like patties & nuggets and others can be found.

Baby Diapers Market Builds Capacity in The Supply Chain

Baby diaper companies continue to adopt sophisticated marketing strategies to strengthen its expansion programs.

Today, disposable baby diaper market occupies a major share for more than one reasons. As per a study carried out by Richer Investment de CV the number of newborn under 30 months, is about 321 million. The research further reveals that if every infant used these diapers the requirement would be approximately 490 billion a year. According to the current statistics just one out five infant use the product. But by 2025 the researcher is confident that 1/3 of babies would demand disposable diapers. Research analysts at Allied Market Research eyeing the growth rate, share and size and key trends reveal that this would double the sales volumes by the end of 2025.

Reinvented Branch and Mobile Wallet Are Trending in ATM Industry

ATM operators are providing an option of mobile wallet along with banking app for a cash withdrawal. They also believe that a virtual debit card could make a difference in attracting customers.

An automated teller machine (ATM) provides electronic banking facilities in which customers can complete transactions without assistance of a branch representatives. ATMs provides convenience and allows easier access to bank accounts even when banks are closed. Technological advancements have enabled bank operators to provide more services for convenience of customers. 

Anti-counterfeit Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics Packaging imminent for Brand protection

A sustainable Culture of prevention and risk-mitigating best practices in companies that includes adoption high-end track-and-trace-technologies to control counterfeit activities
High-volume & low-value manufacturing calls for Anti-counterfeit technologies Anti-counterfeit technologies and measures consist of all necessary remedial measures that aim at controlling and minimizing any counterfeit activities. World over, counterfeit activities result in considerable loss of revenue to illegal traders and unscrupulous profiteers; they eat up the genuine profits of the manufacturing company and market players, hamper the supply chain and promote unauthorized commerce and boost gray market. Not only is this, the most disturbing trend-the intangible damage– leads to tarnishing of the brand reputation of the concerned company. Brand protection measure, though at nascent stage, yet has emerged as an indispensable business function; and it is being considered as core competency by leading co…