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IVF Australia to Official Support Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras 2014

IVF Australia declared today that they are an Official Supporter of Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras 2014, and Presenting Partner of ‘Women Say Something’.
“The last year has seen a doubling in the number of same sex couples (now 36%) and an increase in single women (now 50%) accessing our donor program in order to create families. IVF Australia is hoping to raise awareness amongst gay men to consider this altruistic gesture.” said Dr Louise Fay, Fertility Specialist at IVF Australia.

Michael Rolik, CEO Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, said “each year, we see more LGBTQI families at Mardi Gras, especially at events like our annual Fair Day. It’s fantastic to see members of our community fulfilling their dream of becoming parents, with the support of IVF Australia.”
Women from various walks of life are brought together through events organized by women say something. The sponsorship take its root from past campaigns of IVF Australia and Pink Media Group to encourage gay men to donate s…

LG To Launch Affordable LTE Smartphones

LG, the South Korean electronics giant plans to launch "affordable" and fourth generation long-term evolution (LTE) smartphones this year. Long term evolution technology offers an amazing internet speed compared to 3rd generation technology. 
Bharti Airtel, recently launched the 4G service in Bangalore. Additionally, IPhone 5S and 5C also provide 4G services; however, they are expensive. LG is now rigorously penetrating the 4G market by providing efficient and cost effective 4G services. 

"Within the first half (of 2014), LG will bring three models of long-term evolution devices. LTE-enabled LG G2 with 32 GB inbuilt storage priced at Rs50, 000 will be first of the devices to be launched," he said. "The next launches will be more affordable. They will be little less expensive phones at between Rs20, 000 and Rs30, 000." LG India's managing director Soon Kwon told to ET.
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Innovative Digital Imaging Systems Helping In-Depth Analysis

Scientists at the University of Pittsburgh, Department of Transplant Pathology, are using modern digital imaging systems to enhance their research into the chronic rejection in solid organ transplantation  and  immunobiological mechanisms of tolerance.
ZEISS Axio Scan.Z1, an automated microscope, is a pivotal innovative tool developed by Carl Zeiss Microscopy. This tool allows researchers to convert cytologic specimens and fixed tissue sections using bright-field and fluorescence illumination into digital image files that can be analyzed on a computer screen instead of being tethered to the microscope. (It is the technical sentence)

This form of study gives researchers “next generation pathology” capabilities, including functionality to compare images side by side, comparison, software algorithms for counting, quantification of specific tissue area,analysis etc to increase  the amount and type of data that can be collected from a tissue biopsy.
“ZEISS does not stop at building the tool; …

Horton works Becomes Center for Hadoop Solution

Hortonworks can be called as a offshoot of yahoo. Some of the original engineers who designed the search website, circulated architecture platform in order to spin out a company to support the open source Hadoop project. Hortonworks works similar to yahoo and open source Apache Hadoop code base. Every new code set from the Apache project is verified by Hortonworks on Yahoo's colossal 40,000-node cluster before releasing it as a Hortonworks distribution.

In the tech market, Hortonworks has gathered accolades. Recently Hortonworks has inked on some big name partners, including Microsoft, Teradata, Rackspace, and it even registered with the OpenStack Foundation. This decisions have legitimized not only this firm, but the larger open source Hadoop movement, industry pundits say.

"One thing we were trying to get away from are prepackaged vendors with proprietary stuff,” says Michael Peterson, Neustar's vice president of platforms and data architecture
For Neustar, Hortonworks pro…