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Face Body Scanner ready for a take off

The report titled “Global 3D Scanning Market (Types, Range, Services, Application and Geography) - Size, Share, Global Trends, Company Profiles, Demand, Insights, Analysis, Research, Report, Opportunities, Segmentation and Forecast, 2013 – 2020,” offers deep-dive information on the market revenue trends. The report classifies numerous factors responsible for the growth of the market and factors that pose challenges. It is a resourceful guide for the industry participants.

The report clearly states that face body scanning segment within the market is beefed up to gather accolades and grow exponentially. Major reasons credited for such an impressive growth are growing concerns regarding security. Further, utilization of MRI as a medical application is boosting the market growth for face body segment.
Looking at the market trends in the future, many companiesare planning to launch scanners in the market. Different kinds of scanners are available in the market depending upon the nature of u…

Security Technology producers all set to speed up the process

As interest for security innovation — from metal indicators to imaging scanners — has developed, the organizations that process and works it have seen an upsurge in the market. Rapiscan Systems, based in Torrance, Calif provides wide range of security technology like baggage scanner has opened its office in the Crystal city. The company provided security at recent Olympics game such as Beijing and Salt Lake City, said Peter Kant, the company’s executive vice president.
“The technology is currently in a mature cycle,” he said. “The move now is how to keep or increase security operations” while trimming costs.
As per Kant, there are not many opportunities for the business in U.S.A. He said that business went up by $400 million in 2012.
“These aren’t products that people are going to necessarily stop buying,”Lance Roncalli, managing director and vice president of sales for the Americas at Smiths Detection.
“When we have an event like the Boston Marathon, there’s always a big focus on, of cour…

Food and beverages industry to benefit from laser-displacement sensor

Cognex, on March 2013, released its DS1100 laser-displacement sensor that would define object’s proper shape. Since it is effective in providing accurate height, length and width of a particular object, laser-displacement sensor becomes perfect to be used in food and beverage industries.
“For example, it can provide the volumes of products such as cookies and donuts on the line,” says Bob Tremblay, former applications engineer and current manager of product marketing for Cognex.
“Since the sensor also can describe object shape, it’s used on bottling lines to check the seating of the caps.” “Present/absence of height change makes it much simpler to determine that,” Tremblay says.
“In the past, with optical-character recognition, [this application] was a lighting nightmare,” Tremblay says.
Keyence would use this IL Series laser displacement sensors for palletizer, packaging and stacker machinery.  “The IL Series can provide stacking device counts and identify stacking disturbances through t…

Computer numerical control systems would enhance Job Shops

"What we're seeing is that customers are looking for that bipolarization, a combination of the high end and the low-cost job shop controls," said Scott Strache, senior product marketing engineer at Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. "There's a lot of demand right now for the lower-cost machine, especially in the China market where that trend is really strong. With the low end, it all depends on not only the control platform, but also the drive series that they're using, the size of the servo motors and the spindle motors."
Job shops is continually driven by innovations and technological advancements. This opens up new avenues for it. For example, Computer numerical control systems are instrumental in revolutionizing the manufacturing sector.
"There are faster controls and great part finish that let you make parts faster, and make it better," said Chris Weber, national sales manager at Heidenhain Corp. "What Trochoidal milling lets you do …

Microsoft releases series of Cloud products

Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella’s “Cloud first, mobile first” strategy was supported last week when Microsoft released a series of cloud based products. 
"How can there be two firsts?" said Microsoft Corporate VP Brad Anderson, who presided over the keynote. "They're one and the same. You can't have a cloud without connected devices and vice versa. [Otherwise,] all you have is potential that goes untapped."
However, tapping the data is not simple due to high security and management concerns involved. Apart from these core issues, the device must also be connected to the cloud. Hence, to address such issues, Microsoft has launched a series of products last week and more would be launched later this year.
Microsoft, with the help of Azure Express Route, would enable firms to connect their private asset to Azure. Microsoft Azure Files that was announced as preview is designed to help users share data and files securely with devices and clouds. Further, company’s z…

Microsoft working on Smart Elevators

What if you enter an elevator and you need not even press the button? What if the elevator knows which floor you want go? This is possible with the new smart elevator technology that uses Artificial intelligence. Hence, elevator would know exactly where you want to land.
Microsoft is presently working on smart elevator technology, said Peter Lee, the head of Microsoft Research showcased “smart elevator” while appearing on Bloomberg TV’s “Bloomberg West.”
Artificial intelligence is “our largest investment area in the labs right now,” Lee told Bloomberg. We’ve really been very focused on it.” He said that this idea is derived from sitting with a computer and operating it.  “We think in the future, you won’t be operating computers, but computers will be working on your behalf,” he said.
“In the future, sensors that you wear can understand your physicality, routines, even what your plans are,” Lee said.
“That kind of ability to predict people’s intentions and what might happen next, in the s…

Hewlett-Packard would invest a billion in cloud computing

Hewlett-Packard Co plans to contribute more than $1 billion through the following two years to create and offer cloud-computing items and software.
The organization said that it would make its Openstack-based open cloud administrations accessible in 20 server farms throughout the following year and a half.
Openstack, a distributed computing suggested that HP gives a free and open-source distributed computing stage for open and private cloud administrations.
"Customer challenges today extend beyond cloud. They include how to manage, control and scale applications in a hybrid environment that spans multiple technology approaches," Martin Fink, executive vice president and chief technology officer, HP, said in a statement.
Foxconn Technology Group and HP signed a contract to manufacture servers that would provide cloud computing services.
To counter the rising competition, Google and Amazon have reduced the prices of their cloud computing services.

Cloud Computing is emerging to b…

Gamification in ERP systems

Canadian airline WestJet firmly believes that applying gamification i.e. game designs notion at workplace would help its employees to efficiently utilize Oracle ERP (enterprise resource planning) system.
Until now, ga,ification was extensively used for sales, employee performance management software and support and not for core ERP systems. WestJet, in co-ordination with Badgeville- enterprise, gamification vendor and Oracle, initiated the pilot project that would focus on expense reporting.
Since expense reporting provides large amount of users to test gamification, it is an ideal method, said Mike Mihaichuk, manager of ERP and finance applications.
Gamification is “a look at human behavior and what motivates people,” he said. “Different people are motivated by different things in different situations.”
Gamification “has been around for a long time,” Mihaichuk said. Working with Badgeville, WestJet created “a lot of badges that were just for fun,” as it is important for badges to be easi…

Beefed up authentication for Online Banking

Due to rising online fraudulent activities, RBI has instructed banks to adopt a two stage verification process to ensure secure transaction.
RBI’s report 'Enabling Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) in Payment System Applications' suggested banks to inform their respective customers about the risks involved in online banking.
"Internet banking applications of all banks should mandatorily create authentication environment for password- based two-factor authentication as well as PKI-based system for authentication and transaction verification in online banking transaction," the report said.
Further, the report states that bank must allow their customers to choose from numerous authentication option to ensure security for their online transactions. Hence, RBI introduced different types of online payment systems such as RTGS, CBLO, NEFT, Government Securities Clearing, Cheque Truncation System (CTS) and Forex Clearing.
In terms of value, such systems contribute 93.7% to the to…

Mobile Banking grow two-fold, reveals BBA

British Bankers' Association stated that mobile banking is undergoing an evolutionary phase. As per the data collected by BBA, 5.7 million transactions occur every day through Smartphones.
“Local branch closures due to declining demand for day-to-day banking are the "direction of travel," the BBA said.
"There's an amazing revolution in the way people are banking,""The reason why it [mobile banking] has grown so much is just that it's a lot more flexible." "It's driven by customers - they can do it any time of day or night. You can pay a bill while at the pub - that sort of   thing." BBA chief said to BBC.
"They [branches] are an integral part of the industry," he said. "They will be more focused on the big decisions - taking out a mortgage, taking out a big business loan, where you need to have a face-to-face interaction."

This Proves that mobile banking is growing significantly and would change the way banking i…

Withdraw money from ATMs without any Card

Bank of India became the first bank in state of Maharashtra, India to allow users to withdraw money from ATM without having a bank account.
The bank launched ‘Instant Money Transfer’, a domestic remittance service that would allow any user to remove cash from its selected ATM’s without having the need of card. This facility is as per the promise of RBI governor, Raghu Ram made in the month of March.
Using the receiver's mobile number, the IMT would allow the customer to transfer money to a receiver through the bank's ATM or using retail Internet banking facility. Hence, the receiver may withdraw money from designated BoI ATMs without using a debit card.
"This service is in line with the RBI's expectation of expanding financial inclusion, wherein fund transfer can happen from account holders to those without accounts through ATMs," BoI Chairperson and Managing Director V R Iyer told reporters here.
With this facility, the user may withdraw upto Rs 10,000/transaction …

New set of rules for Prepaid Credit Card Services

Ottawa has launched new set of rules for prepaid credit card services that would be beneficial for the customers. It includes abolition of high processing fees and termination of expiry dates. Every year about 8 million cards are issued under brand names such as MasterCard, American Express and Visa.
“We have heard far too much that Canadians felt like they’ve been gouged,” federal Minister of State for Finance Kevin Sorenson told a news conference in Ottawa. The new rules that are formulated would wave off expiry dates and maintenance fees for a year after the activation of cards. Also, any other terms and condition associated with such cards should be clearly mentioned on the external packing. 
“I’m hoping that I’ll never receive another call from somebody that said, ‘We thought we had $500 on our credit card and after 10 months we have nothing left because of fees and charges,’ ” association president Bruce Cran told reporters at the Ottawa news conference. However, consumer affairs cr…

RDC- Future way of banking

RDC- Remote deposit capture is a technology that makes an individual to remotely scan his/her checks via internet protocol and send across the image of checks for the deposits. Definitely, it is one of the revolutionary technologies for banking sectors. However, Check 21 act passed by United States federal law made it possible for banks to clear check images rather than physically depositing to bank. 
RDC is rising significantly in banking sectors due to its convenience offered over other methods to deposit funds. 
Burroughs, Inc. leading manufacture of banking check scanners, recently added the SmartSource Micro Elite check and document scanner to its list. The company is working since 1999 to deliver over a half-million world class check scanners for banking purposes.
To View Complete Report Visit:
"We are pleased to be able to provide the remote deposit capture community with the industry-leading technology and qual…

Male infertility sidelined: Claims Dr. Barnes in her book

A Cambridge expert claimed that the medical field has failed in curing male infertility. Matters relating to female infertility are usually widely discussed; however, male infertility still finds little space. Many men often end up getting the wrong treatment. This has been published in Dr. Liberty Barnes’s book, who is a member of Cambridge sociology department.
Her claims are a result of a detailed research carried out in the United States of America by interviewing numerous couples and doctors. She further stated that even after the share of male infertility being around 50% of the overall infertility cases, larger part of the attention has been sighted toward female infertility. This has resulted in less effective treatment methods to cure male infertility.
Dr Barnes said: “This is the standard coping mechanism in men – that their ‘messed-up plumbing’ is not their fault and is in most cases repairable.
“Male infertility is as prevalent as female infertility, but it’s invisible in our…

Plastic Additives Market will Reach $57.8 Billion, Globally, by 2020 – Allied Market Research

Allied Market Research today published the most comprehensive and strategically analyzed report titled “Plastic Additives Market (Functions, Types, Applications and Geography) – Size, Share, Global Trends, Analysis, Opportunities, Growth, Intelligence and Forecast, 2012-2020”. The global plastic additives market in terms of volume was estimated at 12.6 million tons in 2013 and is expected to reach 17.1 million tons by 2020 growing at a CAGR of 4.4% during 2013-2020. Decreasing mineral ore sources have increased the cost of metal equipment, which has triggered the application of plastics to replace the metal equipment. The low cost of plastic equipment and properties that match metal equipment is also pushing the higher adoption of plastics in a number of applications. Thus the demand for additive which enhances the properties of plastics is also on rise. The companies involved in manufacturing of additives are majorly concentrating on specialty chemicals that are used in construction…

Acrylic Acid Market Analysis, Trends and Forecast 2012 - 2020

Allied Market Research added a new report titled "Global Acrylic Acid Market (Derivative Types, Applications, Geography)- Size, Share, Global Trends, Company Profiles, Demand, Insights, Analysis, Research, Report, Opportunities, Segmentation and Forecast, 2012 - 2020" to its on-demand report catalogue and is now available for pre-book. The market research conducted by Allied Market Research is projecting the current trends in the applications of acrylic acid market. This report evaluates the acrylic acid market in terms of value ($million) and volume (tons). Acrylic acid is the essential compound used in surface coating industry that helps in manufacturing of high tensile and thermal resistance materials.  Acrylic acid is expected to be the largest revenue generating segment in surface coating industry due to the increase in demand for absorbent polymers in manufacturing consumer products. The acrylic acid market garnered approximately half of the total market revenue of abso…

Cloud Computing Services Market Analysis, Forecast and Share from 2012 - 2020

The cloud computing market offers flexible and remote data storage facility to enterprises and also eliminates the need for a physical storage infrastructure. Cloud computing allows multiple end-users to store and access data through a common network space simultaneously.  According to the opinion of more than 60% CIOs of high performing enterprises, cloud computing is expected to improve customer engagement along with improving operational efficiency. In today's business world, it is estimated that more than 2 Zetabytes of data is generated annually and cloud offers an ideal platform for storage of this magnitude of data cost-effectively. It is estimated that 35% of the data storage budget of organizations can be saved with the implementation of cloud computing. Moreover, sectors such as BFSI and retail can give access to their online applications through cloud interface and enhance customer service. Since these sectors are customer-centric, they can simplify data reservoir manag…

Global Wound Closure and Advanced Wound Care Market Analysis, Trends and Forecast from 2012 to 2020

Without instant care, a seriously injured fighter can undoubtedly drain to death while being transported to medical care station. Two conventional medications - medicated gauze pads and tourniquets - regularly can't prevent the blood loss from a serious wound at the neck, groin or shoulder.
Undergraduates from John Hopkins have invented injectable foam to curb the bleeding where head or limb is connected to the torso. It will be a crucial treatment in the first hour of the injury by applying pressure on the wound.
"The problem is that damage from bullets and bone fragments deep inside a junctional wound is not always visible from outside the body, and a regular clotting agent may not be able to reach the origin of the bleeding," said Sydney Rooney, leader of the biomedical engineering student team that sought to solve this problem. "We came up with a foam injection system that fills the wound area and blocks the blood loss."
"Our project has been dealing very…

Quantum dot’s technology to change the application of Solar Cells

A recent work by the researchers of Los Alamos National Laboratory demonstrated that exceptional light emitting quality of quantum dots could be used in harvesting solar energy efficiently.
“The key accomplishment is the demonstration of large-area luminescent solar concentrators that use a new generation of specially engineered quantum dots,” said lead researcher Victor Klimov of the Center for Advanced Solar Photophysics (CASP) at Los Alamos.
With the help of colloidal chemistry, quantum dots can be synthesized with the atomic precision. By controlling dimensions, their color of emission can be tuned. Quantum dot’s highly efficient power emission with the property of color tunability is considered as the basis for quantum dotdisplay technology.
Klimov explained, “The LSC serves as a light-harvesting antenna which concentrates solar radiation collected from a large area onto a much smaller solar cell, and this increases its power output.” “LSCs are especially attractive because in additi…