Global Fitness Equipment Market would be driven by growing concern and awareness for healthy living

People have become increasingly aware of the benefits of exercises to keep themselves healthy and maintaining an alluring physique. Fitness equipment market consists of components and monitoring devices that are needed for maintaining a good physique and increasing muscular strength, improving flexibility and physical endurance. Daily exercises form a vital element in keeping healthy along with taking a balanced diet and ensuring a stress free life. 

Of recently, the global fitness market has gone from a steady growth to booming. Apart from increasing physical stamina and muscle endurance limit, exercises through fitness equipment are also recommended for rectifying certain medical conditions such as muscle dislocations. Some of the commonly observed fitness equipment available commercially are weightlifting machines, kettlebells and sandbags treadmills, stationary bicycles and stair climbers. 

A key driver for the global fitness equipment market is the increased adoption of the market by obese people particularly in developed nations. Other factors that provide a momentum to the market are attractive gym membership offers, in-home demand for various fitness equipment and large usage of cardiovascular equipment for weights.

The global fitness equipment market is awash with many supreme quality health related activity equipment, which can be either bought easily online or from adjacent traditional stores. This has led to leading manufacturers who make equipment keeping the mind the customer varied physical build, needs and ultimate satisfaction to cater to different exercise regimes. There are many analysis and studies conducted by leading researchers to provide an insight into the size, share and the growth prospects of the market. Recently, Allied Market Research has published a report titled “Global Fitness Equipment Market (Type, User and Geography) 2014 - 2020 “

As indicated in the report, a major chunk of commercial segment for this market are the equipment procured by institutions such as premier hotels, corporate wellness centers and hospitals. Geographically, North America is the leading the global market and would continue to remain so through the forecast period 2014 - 2020. The Asia-Pacific region is the expected to grow rapidly amid the period.

The increasing urban population also fuels the market growth. Government efforts and private initiatives such as corporate wellness programs involving professional trainers and physicians are some of the factors instrumental in driving the demand for fitness equipment globally.

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